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Discussion in 'General' started by retarded, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. ...About anyone in the city, Tell me about yourselves please.... I want to get to know everyone a bit better and feel like a real member of the city.
  2. Well, I always like to help out a fellow stoner or friend. Hmm my real name is Sammy. I'am one of those people at school who ever body likes I guess, I'am cool with everyone.

    Iam a atheist.
    Love to have conversation on things that matter.
    Love teh caffiene.
    Love to get stoned.
    Enjoy playing Natural Selection and Counter Strike. I was in CPL!

    If ya wanna know anymore just ask meh!
  3. I'm sure i've mentioned a bit about myself in the past but... The name is Alec, i'm from England, currently living in Wales with my girlfriend of one year... See the other post for info about that one!! lol

    I've been smoking since I was 16 ( I have my two older brothers to thank for that!)

    I enjoy reading, listening to many types of music, particularly drum and bass, classical and anything chilled and mellow.

    Anything I forgot? You know what the short term memory of a smoker is like....
  4. my real name is dave, but you can call me dr_krapp :p

    I'm completely obsesed with air-cooled vw's (the old ones)
    I bum around mostly, get stoned alot. :D
    I am the village idiot! no will challenge that motion

    and i only have one bowl of weed left, NOOOOO!
  5. It's a cop, scatter!
  6. AHHH!!! hide your stash! meet at the secret hideout in an hour!!!

    anyways, im adam.

    im from bc.

    now for the stuff you didnt know!! I have a birthmark that looks like a third nipple! Like scaramenga from the man with the golden gun :O

    i used to toke about 5 grams a day but in the last week ive cut back to about a joint a day. except yesterday where i hotboxed my friends van (later found out it was my friends van WHICH HE HAD STOLEN!! damn bastard tricking me into driving around town in a stolen car. fucking heat bag. anyways we got away and he put the car back, only now it STANKS LIKE REEFER!!!!!)

    if you couldnt already tell, im one of the younger people here, although there are plenty younger.

    i dont do much. ive recently turned into a hermit and have shunned most my friends. well, not really. im still good buds with eveyone, i just never feel like going out anymore...

    i think thats most of it right now?
  7. I smoke marijuana. :)

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