I dont know if this is the right place i can put this but...

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    The brain produces thought for about 7 seconds after decapitation... Just let that sink in? i couldnt imagine what could be thought of in 7 seconds. is that when if youre religious and what not to start apologizing of all sins? I hate having hideas like this but seriously.. discuss 

  2. I couldn't even begin to imagine what I would be thinking in my final seven seconds. I'll only know when it comes to that.
  3. thats fuckin trippy man
  4. "i'll see you soon, ma! i'll see you sooooooooooon!"
  5. I we would imagine i would be thinking about the shock of realizing my head is no longer attached to my body and that i am going to die very soon.
  6. I would be thinking, "if there's an afterlife, am I just gonna be a floating head forever?"
  7. Anyone thought,7 seconds left=MAKE A FUCKING VINE :D
    lol,but yeah would sucks. I would think of the people I like or just like do a countdown,7 seconds isnt alot man....c'mon Jesus give us atleast a minute lol
  8. Id probably be thinking "Fuck!"
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  10. Id probably register a moment of horror and then pass out.
  11. You would probably need about 6 seconds to realise you're still aware of yourself with your new found bodiless perspective, and then, just as you do so . . .
  12. It's merely a flesh wound!
  13. Shit.... somedays 7seconds is enough to live a whole other life......
  14. I'd try to talk to whoever beheaded me, just to scare the shit out of them before I die. 

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