i don't know how to go about this...

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    basically i've liked this guy since i met him in one of my classes last spring. i didn't think too much of it since i didn't think i'd see him again after that class. turns out, he's in my english class this semester. so we talk more and i asked him to go to a concert with me in november. and he definitely wants to and will definitely go if he has money.
    which got me stoked, cuz i was pretty nervous about asking him to go with me.
    and then. he drops a bomb, telling me he has to move about...40 minutes away from school because he can't afford rent anymore. which bummed me out because i never got the chance to ask if he's still gonna be going to school. (we go to a community college)
    ANYWAYS. long story short. i really really like this guy, and we've started to become friends and i was gonna let things go from there, but now, i possibly have a time crunch.
    so i'm torn between just backing out of something that i was gonna get myself into OR taking the leap and risking something really great or for nothing to happen.

    i hope that made sense. i took a mini t-break but this kinda caused me to give in and smoke.
    idk. i'm kindasorta venting and part of me hopes to god that this works out.

    edit and bump:
    i have nothing to worry about in the moving department, he's still gonna be in school. and we're definitely going to a show together. green lights so far, right?
    and tonight, we talked online for hour and he told me that he used to smoke but he's clean now.
    is it a good thing that he's slowly opening up?
  2. try it out if i was the guy id wish you did i guess. if it sux youll learn sumthin from it.
  3. "We should keep talking, because i like talking to you =)", That's all you have to say to him, and hopefully he'll do the rest of the work for you. You have to keep him interested AND let him know that there is a possiblility that you guys could be more than just friends.

    Remember, given the choice between us guys thinking with our heads and thinking with our dicks, most of the time the dick wins.
  4. hahah. is this really true?
    is EVERY guy really like this?
    even the biggest of sweethearts?

  5. this.

  6. It's just motivation, baby! Oh yeeeeaaaaahhhh!!! *pumps fist into the air*
  7. one thing i've learned over the years is, how crucial timing can be in a relationship/marriage/crush/long lost love

    :(*sad now* :(
  8. Even the sweethearts think with their wangs sometimes...most certainly
  9. My cock is smarter than my brain, id be stupid not to listen to it.

  10. No risk, no reward. If things work out then a relationship can be done..even if it's a little long distance.

    If you don't then your always gonna think back and wonder what if. Don't let yourself be the reason nothing happens.
  11. bump

    your input will be greatly appreciated. :smoking:
  12. Sounds like everything is a go...:confused_2: If he's into you, he'll try something...if he doesn't, you try something. See where it goes.
  13. Go for it. What's the biggest loss out of this? But what's the bigger reward? You really don't have much to worry about if it doesn't happen, but you'll be incredibly stoked if it does go through.

    Think of it like this, if you do go out with this guy and you guys are bangin heads on the headboard, You won.

    BUT, if you don't get the guy, you're fine. Just think of this as a stepping stone to something better.

    If it makes you feel better, get ripped and go for it but be subtle. Don't tell him your feelings and end it off with "I got a coupon for some cheeseburgers and fries, wanna come?"

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