i dont know how my family feels about me smoking...

Discussion in 'General' started by sweet_lime, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. a while ago a friend of mine told my brother that i smoked weed. he was probably about 16 i suppose. i was 17 or 18 years old. he hasn't talked to me about it until i was having a conversation with him about fun weed facts that i new. he said that a gal pal of mine (who now is such a stupid bitch for thinking that was a good idea to tell him) told him that i tried it and my boyfriend forced me to do it. well right there shes making my boyfriend sound bad. and now im paranoid that my brother might have said something about it with my mom. i dont think he would stoop to that level of tattling on me, but we have gotten into some pretty bad fights. like i fucking hate my brother but i have been trying to tolerate him.

    but whats driving me crazy is that i dont know if my mom is cool with me smoking. shes such a supporter for marajuana. i told her about the documentary "super high me" and she was soo interested in what i had to say. she would rather me be smoking weed than drinking. there was this one time that my aunt made a statement saying "i would rather my daughter buy a coach purse than buy weed" and my mom said "are you nuts! those purses cost 300 dollars!" somewhere in the conversation i asked her would you rather me buy a nick bag or a coach purse? she says "you cant even get high with a nick bag" i just laughed. i dont think that i would even admit to her that i smoke.

    but if she asks me, should i come out an say it?

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