I dont know any other way to lower temps

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by anberlinaddict, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I just got my 4inch Inline fan...

    which means total I have 1 6inch fan at the top of my tent sucking air out.
    1 4inch blowing air in at the bottom. and like 3 fans inside the tent.

    im running a 250watt hps system.

    and When I leave the doors open it gets no more than 82 no less than 78 at night.

    BUt even with my fans when i shut the tent it goes up to almost 90 or more

    what else can I do............................
  2. Stronger fans or an ac unit.

  3. I cant send these fans back... it took way to long to get them like 8 days each.

    GOD there has to be a way

  4. Small A/C unit man... Thats what I use and Ill never grow without one again. My plants love the cool air falling on them while my 400w HPS slowly warms the air and it rises back up through them. You will notice substantial healthy growing with one. Check your local craigslist, you'll find a cheap one.

  5. do you have the AC unit outside the grow chamber so the cold air's sucked in, or do you have
    it blowing straight into the chamber?

  6. How do you have it executed? Do you just have the AC unit sitting inside the tent?? And if so how does that work doesnt it have to have like some way to get air from the outside..

  7. something like this work?

  8. dude get a vent line from your inlet to your window thatl bring in colder air.

    you also need a cooling system for your light so it doesnt get too hot in there

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