i dont know about you guys, but this was pretty new to me

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  1. ok so i live with my parents and im not to sure if they know i smoke, like i have incense lit every time i do it but when im stoned i cant tell if the smell is strong still or not, prolly cause im used to it.

    anywasy, im sure all of you have done this before but today i just stopped giving a fuck if they catch me and so i sat down on the floor in the middle of my room, lit up an incense stick and jsut smoked a bowl.

    usually id just blow the smoke out the window to avoid the smell as much as possible, but today i just let it go around the room.

    it was sunny outside so you could see it all just drifting around the room, it was pretty nice.

    anyways i dont know where im going with this
  2. Honestly, why don't you just make a spoof?

    I have a spoof just chillen next to my vap, bong, and bowl in my room. Might as well use one I mean you exhale anyways.
  3. yeah i have one, but it was gettin annoying having to put a toilet paper thing on my mouth every time i was breathing out haha
  4. Lol. :rolleyes: well maybe you don't give a fuck now. that's how i was when i smoked in the house cuz i thought i was fucking superwoman & couldn't ever get caught... but once you get caught, trust me you'll begin to regret your careless actions. take it from somebody who's been there... i keep thinking, if only i had left my window open, if only i had lit up some candles, IF ONLY I DIDN'T OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR RIGHT AFTER I SMOKED... if only i had been more fucking careful. but i wasn't, & i can't say i didn't deserve the consequences that followed. just don't make the same mistake i did, unless you think your parents will be somewhat chill about it.
  5. well my sister got caught a few years ago and they were kinda pissed like the minute it happened, but i think they mightve just been doing it to fuck with her while she was high because the next day my dad went in her room and told her to wake up and go outside and be with her friends and stop sitting around feeling bad about it
  6. This definitely isn't true for everyone, but in a lot of cases... mom knows everything. ;)

    My mom did anyway. I was pretty damn careful about it too, I rarely smoked in my room unless they were asleep and used a sploof when I did. Most of the time I would just go for a drive and smoke a bowl before going home for the night. My whole life I always heard "if I ever find out you're smoking, I'm gonna kick your ass!" so naturally I thought that included pot smoking, and since she never said anything I figured she never knew.

    And then 2 years ago, I'm 18 and moving out into my first apartment. My mom has this silly collage of a unicorn that I made in middle school art class, and she picks it up and says to me with a smirk on her face, "do you want this so when you're smoking your incense you can look at it and be all 'oooooh!'?" I reply "My incense...?" and she goes "Yeah, your [finger quotes] "incense"" and I just smiled and said "Naah, that's okay, you can keep it".

    So yeah, that's how I found out she knew. She never rags on me for it at all. Obviously she wants me to quit smoking cigs... but doesn't care about the pot. She joked with my sister one night that I must just "sit around my apartment totin' all day" and my sister replies "don't you mean tokin'?"

    Ahh, good times.
    Sorry, I'm high and rambling.
    I'm ending this post now. :smoking:
  7. i kinda wanna tell my parents but idk

    if they dont care that much then obviously itll be much better cause i wont be paranoid about doing it in the house, but if they do care then im pretty much screwed cause then theyll always think im smoking

    i think its cool that your mom didnt really care about it
  8. dude. sounds exactly like my mom. me and my friends go out to smoke, we come back and we find little cards with riddles on them my mom left... or a weird picture, something to "make your head go woowoowoo after you smoke that stuff."

    nice to have cool moms:smoking:

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