I don't have to allow glacial rock dust to cook right?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by bonzo78, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. I stocked up on some organic amendments for my next grow. I am planning on doing teas instead of adding them to the soil beforehand. I am only going to add the glacial rock dust to the soil first. The rock dust is okay like this right, it doesn't need to break down in order for it not to burn the plants?
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  2. I use Gaia green all purpose and power bloom and never let them "cook" I simply mix and transplant my 2 week old plants directly
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  3. a great form of 'P' too ... you are good to go

    I prefer clean sand for my 'P' besides, like perlite adds air and prevent compaction

    good luck
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  4. Short answer, no. RD will not burn your plants.

    Here's a good thread that speaks on your question and how RD works/breaks down in organic soils.

    "But here is where the greatest benefit lies (IMHO) and that is the enzymes created by bacteria (primarily) that surround these pieces of rock. It will take many, many years for this material to breakdown. Years. But the microbial activity creates enzymes and enzymes are a key component in the nutrient cycling by plant roots from other microbial activity.Â"

    Rock Dust
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  5. Glacier rock dust won’t burn anything. Glacier rock dust is everywhere where I live, and every seed that blows thru the air, has no problem establishing it self and growing in nothing but rock dust. I put a shit ton in my mixes. The good stuff in the rock dust takes a while to break down and become available, but it doesn’t burn anything. You are playing the game right getting it in the soil so the weathering process to unlock the nutrients can begin.
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