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I don't have organic peanut butter for a firecracker

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by GingerSwissCheese, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. So I want to use the last of my weed to make a little firecracker, all I have I creamy jif and I know it requires something fatty to absorb the thc when in the oven, is there anything I can mix with the peanut butter so the thc can convert and be absorbed as usual? I have butter, avocado oil, canola oil, and extra virgin olive oil, any help is appreciated
  2. Peanut butters pretty fatty as it is...
  3. Yeah but everywhere I look every guide says to use organic peanut butter since it has way more fatty peanut oil, and jif isn't oily at all, so I'm just trying to get the best results from what I have without wasting my time and weed.
  4. Then just add a bit of your favorite oil any will work just fine.
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  5. @GingerSwissCheese
    I'd go with either the avocado or olive oil..
    Decarb weed first 240 F for 40 minutes
    Mix weed with just enough oil to cover it
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes..
    Strain out the weed bits if desired..
    Eat the oil as is or add it to something..
    I use hash
    And cap the sludge but I've been doing this a long time now..
    Same idea working with bud it's just not as wickedly strong as the hash version is..
  6. I idk if I have any containers that are oven safe, im just try spread some oil and peanut butter between two rice cakes In foil
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  7. Wow that makes me sound retarded, so should I decarb and then just put it on the spread of peanut butter between two rice cakes and pop it back in the oven? Also should I spread some oil on the peanut butter before I put the weed on it?
  8. if i spread the weed out on a pyrex pan and
    So I wrap grinded up weed in foil, heat for 40 (it's a very small amount so maybe adjusted time if you think needed) and once it's done, I mix it with oil of choice and then rebake in oven for 20 with specified heat? Also does the oil need to be air tight while in the oven? I have a small glass pyrex pan, would I just put the mix of bud and oil in there and cover the top with foil while it cooks?
  9. @GingerSwissCheese
    No real need to cover either step we've learned..
    The small stainless steel dishes I use were a couple of dollars at the local pet store and they fit my Coffee mug heater perfectly.. We started doing this from bit around the house at first and what you see took a while to run down all the bits and pieces I currently use..
    Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture
    My Hashmaster thread has more details and is still just 11 pages long..
  10. [​IMG]
    Decarbing some hash.. Just an open pan..
    Old toaster oven outside on sawhorses to keep my wife from bitchen about the smell..
  11. Dude just wants to make a firecracker he doesnt want to learn how to be a world star cannabis chief so why are you flooding his thread OP Just has a little bit of weed and wants a fast firecracker which works
  12. Just so i can be clear and not fuck up, I decarb my weed, easy enough, and with the oil I just cover it so that everything gets absorbed into it. And the oil and weed doesn't need to be covered correct? Im just going to do both steps with foil in my gas oven. Anyways thanks for the help and guidance my man.
  13. Im decarbing, going to make two fire crackers, both with peanut butter and some avocado oil to be sure there's enough fat to grab all the goodnes, I'll let you know how it goes, i don't smoke during the week anyways so if this doesn't work then it's no biggy
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  14. Any advice on the cook time for the firecrackers? My ovens lowest setting is 130-150 Celsius so I'm keeping it on the lowest setting for both times.
  15. 140c for 20-25 min should work be sure to cover it in foil that's for the firecracker BTW not the decarbing lol follow his advice on that.
  16. I'm doing 35 minutes at around 260-280 like I said my ovens lowest setting is 130-150 Celsius, if anything I'll just let it sit for a few extra mins since decarb is pretty easy to not fuck up. Thanks for the help brother!
  17. 260 Celsius?
  18. Nah Fahrenheit, decarbing went perfect, now I'm popping it in the oven, little oil with the weed on top of the peanut butter, sandwiched both sides, good to go.
  19. Haha sounds good was making sure. I was thinking I know he was just talking in Celsius I know he's not going to put that bitch in the oven at 500F for 35 min...
  20. @Robbieboy123
    2 posts isn't exactly flooding the thread.. I've seen way to many blown firecrackers and wasted weed.. Better my advice be a bit long winded and cover the really needed parts of the information.. Some of it might stick in their heads for the next try with better results.. I also do long explanations for the million or so people that lurk the threads but for whatever reasons don't participate..
    With ever more people having legal access to cannabis I expect the threads will be busy in the near future..
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