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  1. FUCK YEAH. I got a new job. Been working crap food service jobs for the last couple years and for last year I have been managing a small pc repair / iphone repair store. Its very dysfunctional to put it simply for multiple reasons.....
    I live in a small town that has been hurting here recently due to the economy I guess like everyone else. So it is almost impossible for anyone to find a new job. Well, I submitted a resume over three years ago to this slightly more upscale local pc repair store for home/business. Long story short. I got called in for an interview. It was tough.. He didnt call me back all week but this morning he calls at 9 am and says I got the job if I want it as an Onsite Technician. I do not have any education yet past highschool. So for me going from 10$ an hour (or 8$ if I am doing food service) to 12$ an hour + commission is almost unheard of for a 20 year old.
    Im not one to toot my own horn. Im just stoaked I guess and I just blazed a sack in celebration.

    fuck , i hope he doesn't piss test me.
  2. Congratulations homie!!:)
  3. nice man, the only constant is change

  4. Never heard that before. Makes alot of sense.

    Thanks both of y'all
  5. congrats dude, my buddy does pc/phone repair outta his house.

    he is only 20 but damn good at what he does, i have him clear/fix my computers and phone once a week.

    glad you finally got the job though, sounds way more legit than food services
  6. Congrats man, get your bills up!!!
  7. Congrats man!

    Now smoke some bud. :D
  8. Make the best out of it. Congrats!!
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    Way to go, hon! Do your best!

    (suggestion- Take your new pay check amount subtract old pay check amount and put half of the remainder in the bank each month. You still are better off than you were, and you'll have back up money if things go bad -car breaks down, etc).

  10. Nice man!

    Let me tell you something about the PC world..
    No one knows anything about it, and are willing to pay you lots of $ to do it for them.

    Computers are pretty basic when you get right down to it - they are used everywhere and with a little education on the subject and exp. you will be able to get a better paying / more responsible job in no time.

    Computer Security is so niche right now and so basic as far as main-stream implementation is concerned. Plus EVERYONE is pretty much at risk - loads of clients!
  11. Thanks every body for the congratulations. And yeah. I definately had a couple extra "victory bowls" yesterday

    Yeah. The owner of the business (he has three locations and almost 20 employees ) is going to have me riding along with him on location. Catching me up to speed and making sure Im worth keeping as an onsite tech. He is wanting to teach me if that says anything. Very stoaked.

    Thanks for the kind words, Storm Crow. Will do for sure.

    That suggestion is real good advice. Believe it or not, Unlike most twenty year old males, I am horrible with my money! (yes. sarcasm) so I do take this to heart. Good idea, I sorta depleated all my savings with my last car. Ended up putting about 1500 back into it and it got totaled 2 months later.

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