I dont have a video game system

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  1. but i have about 205$ to get one.
    im surfing on ebay and i can find a refurbished xbox 360 with cables and controller for about 60$. sooo my question to you is, what games should I get?
  2. That's a very "open" question :p. For example, Person A I might swear that Resident Evil is the greatest game ever, but Person B might hate first-person shooters :p

    What KIND of games do you like? Or what games have you enjoyed in the past?
  3. i like shooters. halo was great, i here battlefield bad company 2 is pretty good. I love the skate game. uhmm, not really sure. I mean to me a good game is a good game. i can get into almost anything if its good.
  4. Red Dead Redeption hits shelves tonight at midnight!

    but dude..seriously...get a PS3
  5. This!!!

    I loved my 360, but dumping it in favor of the PS3 was a great decision. Built in wireless, FREE online play, BluRay, better home networking (IMO).

    Really the biggest reason (besides the obvious better hardware) was that I had few real life friends on the 360, but lots of family and friends with PS3s. I prefer playing with people I know IRL, so I made the switch.
  6. PS3 homie
  7. OR you could save alot of money and get something a bit more 'oldschool'...we have a 360 and PS3 but ahhh imo i can have just as much fun if not more playing crash, spyro, metal gear, resident evil ect. (ps1) on the PS3 marketplace thingy..or when i take out the nintendo every once in awhile.mariooo? finalfantasy's, harvest moon, mario kart idk so many fun games on those older systems...Not the anwser you were looking for just saying.

    get fallout and bioshock..uhh...borderlands? the new ff. (if you get a 360...but id have to say PS3 really kicks the xbox ass in most aspects.
  8. Just saying i think you should go with this instead...

    plus if you decide you don't like it you can do this!

  9. dude....thats sweet. really tempted to make one now..
  10. Buy a badass video card and enjoy it all.
  11. Don't go for that cheap 360 route, I bought one and got ROYALLY FUCKED OVER. Just don't. Even if it had turned out fine, I would still recommend going with the PS3. By the time you're done buying shit to try and make the 360 work, you realize that the PS3 is just superior.

    BTW I say this not having owned a PS3 but I have obviously played it.
  12. Red Dead Redemption! Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Alan Wake, MASS EFFECT 2 (must buy), Assassins Creed 2. Left 4 Dead 2, FALLOUT 3, Bioshock 1 & 2
    sports: Madden 10, NBA 2K10, Skate 3

    the possibilities are endless dude.

  13. this.

    even a 150 dollar card now will get you pretty far :p
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    If you have a decent pc (Athlon II, P DC or C2D, and 1gb of ram) I'd get a good new or possibly better used gpu.

    If consoles is a must, PS3. 360's fail rate is much too great. The majority of my friends have 360's, and most of them regret it.
  15. if you buy a xbox 360 you will never regret it. much more to the 360 than just games themselves. BUT DO NOT BUY IT USED. for fucks sake nobody ever takes this warning seriously. get yourself a warranty cause you will probably need to use it after a awhile depending on how much you play it.
  16. I bought my friend who just never uses his for 70$ with hard drive and all.

    and i bought skate 3 and battliefield bad company 2 on ebay all for 50$!

    I dont regret buying an xbox 360 used since it was from one of my good friends and it still has waranty.
    I agree ps3 is superior but i have more friends IRL that play on xbox live :smoke:
  17. Upgrade your computer, gpu, maybe some ram, etc and torrent all the games you're paying 50-60 bucks for on your consoles for free.

  18. dont forget your free rootkits and backdoors. Sony is 100% trustworthy. Enoy your open OS. err wait.

    no hate on you personally. I dont trust sony nor am I trying to start a fire on gs
  19. If you're not a gamer than just get the games that are geared towards you i.e. games with lots of commercials on tv and advertising all over the place...Modern warefare 2, Bad company 2, skate 3, just games that stand out above the rest because of their marketing. Those games are usually geared towards everybody that plays games not just dudes who have no job and sit on there ass trying to accumulate that highest gamerscore on xbox live, oh hey I just described myself.

    Anyway just came to mind, a good couple of cheap games to get ya goin gears of war 1 &2 are both worthy of a few rounds. Best part of all they're cheeeeaaapp.

    Another piece of advice don't delve into the whole ps3 vs 360..it's just a bunch of peoples opinions and technically don't mean anything. Lots of peeps are happy with their 360 lots of peeps are happy with their ps3. It doesn't make one better than the other, except for your opinion which comes with your own personal experiences with one or both. Just get one and play it. Or get both if that's your cup of tea.
  20. I'm a big fan of emulators. All the great games were made back in the 80s and 90s. Games are scary realistic nowadays, gives me nightmares.

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