i dont give a fuck...

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.bubbles, May 23, 2006.

  1. if you guy dont like me...:D i like you all...each and everyone off you in different ways...im soo backed off this morning bowl feeling depressed:eek:
  2. Aw don't feel that way! I like you :)

    Life's too short to spend it all feeling down and out.
  3. yueah i know..im chill now im so high put down the zoloft and i picked up the bong
  4. I like and Respect you Bubbles, lol. one of the people i look up to here haha :smoking:
  5. Your cool shit bubs.

  6. i like you bubbles!

    no need to be down, my morning/ease into the afternoon and lunch bowl in an hour or 2 will be for you.
  7. i feel loved..you cheered my day up...EVERYONE...fuck im so highabout to watch dazed and confused and blaze a bowl
  8. You're a good guy, Mr.Bubbles!!:hello:
  9. I Love U Bubbz
  10. thank you guys where has IGOTTHECOTTONS
  11. everyone has some love for bubbles :smoke:
  12. wow...i hope one of you out there is as stoned as me
  13. C'mon now Bubb's we be BFFL's, yah I said it big whoop wanna fight about it? :p
  14. i guess you're ok bub :p Not that it matters comin from me, but i love you with every oz of weed i've ever smoked, if anything i should be makin a thread about no one likin me :p
  15. Honestly bro, I think you take the opinions of what people say about you on this website to heart. You probably won't see 99.9% of us in real life. Just relax, man. If someone doesn't like what you say, fuck them. I dig you bubbles, though. You are one crazy guy.
  16. i like you bubs. im also stoned.
  17. Hell yeah! That's the attitude! :hello:
  18. I hate you bubbles. nah, jk, i love you...in a non homosexual way....not that theres anything wrong with that.....


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