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i don't get the reps

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Soccerguy420, May 21, 2010.

  1. I'm not an apprentice toker but im an apprentice grass city member. ive gotten a few reps over the days, and some of the boxes on the left side of the rep table were blue and some were green. what does that mean? the ones that were blue all had positive comments so i didnt think it was a neg rep but im confused ahaha and i dont know what blue means :eek:

    aaha im being sarcastic but if anyone can tell me what those blue instead of green boxes mean thatd be really gnarly
  2. Blue = GC member who DOES NOT have light green rep bars

    Green = GC member who DOES have light green rep bars.

    Notice the difference.

    Sorry if i come off as a sarcastic asshole, super :bongin:
  3. I wondered that a while ago and when I asked, this is what she said to me:
    It means that rep is neutral because whoever gave it isn't qualified to affect the rep ladder yet.

  4. This is correct. The more rep someone has the more they give it out when they rep someone. So what happened is that they didn't have enough rep to give you a green box. But it's just neutral so no bad effects of it just the knowing that someone felt the need to show you that you had a great post :)
  5. #6 Zylark, May 21, 2010
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    I think you mean grey, but just a little detail.

    Anyhows, what it means is:

    Grey: Someone wants to give you either positive or negative rep, but since they don't have much rep themselves, it's not counted. In short, if its grey it won't effect your rep.

    Green: Someone gave you positive rep. This is added to your rep. How much rep-brownie-points you get, is relative to how much rep the one who gave you positive rep have.

    Red: Someone gave you negative rep. This is subtracted from your rep. How much rep-brownie-points you lose, is relative to how much rep the one who gave you positive rep have. And you can actually have a total that is negative. If so, you get a red dot over your avatar.

    Hope that cleared it up for you :)
  6. cool thanks guys :D

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