i dont get the point in cigarettes.

Discussion in 'General' started by fexy, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. they taste and smell horrible, they provide like no positive sensation (to me anyway), whats the point in them?

    i roll spliffs with a 70/30 weed : baccy ratio to a) conserve b) help burn, i dont mind the extra harshness of the smoke, but i dont feel anything off them.

    what do they actually do?
  2. actually smoke a whole cigarette to yourself. when I do so, I sometimes get so light headed/buzzed I have to sit down. I smoke maybe one a day, or every couple days, mainly just cuz I have no bud, so I have pretty much no tolerance to them.

    obviously if there were no point to them, they wouldn't be a billion dollar industry....
  3. They just give a buzz. If smoking a regular cigarette isn't working for you, roll up a custom one and smoke it quick. You'll definitely feel it fast.
  4. Buzz.
    but i dont with with cigarettes.
    just the hookah its gets me too light headed
  5. The point is to have another addiction to nurse.

    Really, there is no point. But i love smokin em.
    Ah, to be a non-smoker... You guys will never get it :rolleyes:
  6. Mmmmm.. I LOVE smoking cigarettes. It's a very pleasurable experience for me.
  7. Keep doing french inhales or just put the cig in ur nose and inhale through there. Hits ur blood stream faster i guess haha.
  8. i've been smoking for like.. 2 years now.
    cigarettes calm my nerves. or at least they feel like they do. :rolleyes:
    but yea-- like someone else said smoke a whole one or roll your own. you'll feel it since you don't have much tolerance.
  9. i personally dislike cigarettes a lot and i see no point in it either. all it does it fuck you in the end.
  10. Its just a dull buzz, then 20 years down the road gives you cancer. I'll stick to my bud, save the $10 a day, my lung power, and be alive past 50.

  11. I like smoking them too. I mean, yeah it sucks to be addicted, especially when you really need a cigarette, and cant have one for whatever reason, but there are times I am actually glad I smoke cigarettes.
  12. Adding a little bit of menthol tobacco into a spliff gives me a real huge buzz.

  13. Most deffinatley! i completely agree :p whenever i cba trecking to the shop for menthol fags i'll always put a few in some biffs i always reckon the menthol taste helps bring out the taste of the weed alot more in a spliff and it's much more enjoyable :p .. wierd as hell too when your that baked you forget you rolled with a menthol, spark up and absolute trip balls :p
  14. Smoke an entire American Spirit to yourself. Those cigarettes pack a punch. One will give you a good headrush if you don't smoke cigarettes often

    Personally, nothing feels better than sucking down a menthol cigarette or a wine Black & Mild after toking. When I'm not high, though, I really only smoke cigarettes when I don't have weed. And that's not very often
  15. I like smoking and thus I like cigarettes, they're also amazing if you're really trashed and high.
  16. What doesn't fuck you in the end dude? Life is about choosing which things you would like to fuck you in the end because everything does :D
  17. there is no point to cigarettes. No one NEEDS to start smoking them for any reason.

    at first they give you that buzz. But then you lose the buzz & it's just an addiction. I've been smokin for 7 years & i'm trying to cut back drastically and it's so hard. It's all mental but it's still very hard to stop from smoking a cig. It sucks

    It's a love/hate relationship for me. I love smoking them, but i hate that i smoke them lol
  18. Same thing happenz to my girl, I just tell her to stop smokin'
  19. Nicotine releases endorphins into your bloodstream which make you feel relaxed - this is why smokers go through withdrawal when they quit

    they are pretty pointless though and i wish i'd never tried one

  20. exactly..it's just a personal preference is all...and we non smokers will not understand why they continue to give themselves cancer and constricted blood vessels! It's a nicotine addiction people, the tabbacco industy has spent trillions of dollars to find the best way to make them the most addictive as possible! and hook line and sinker they got quite a few people that thought it was cool, and now they are hooked like crack! I feel so bad for the people that dont quit as it's honestly a matter of will power!, How bad do you really want to stop? is the question you need to ask yourself! My wife quit ciggs cold turkey! never has touched one since! so it's just a mattter of how bad you want to do it! maybe after some people start seeing health complications they will reconsider, but then again, most of em at that point say fuck it, it's too late to stop now, the damage is done! which is completely not the case...your lungs start healing as soon as you stop smoking! so even in between ciggs your lungs are trying to heal! our bodies were designed for this purpose! to HEAL ourselves! So if anyone still thinks they cannot quit, I think it's just a lame ass excuse and that you honestly DONT really want to bad enough to do something about it!

    just a lil food for thought!

    and to answer yout questions ..they smoke ciggs with weed to get a bigger buzz...it just makes me wanna puke, i get too dizzy and feel sick!

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