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I Dont Get The Munchies Anymore ):

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ZOIDS 3, May 28, 2013.

  1. its been like this for some time. when i just started it was there and it was amazing. now even when i smoke strong sativa i cant get it. so i took a break, it didn't help. is there a way to feel the munchies again?
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss.
    My only suggestion is to have a bowl or two, open a take-out menu, then see how you feel.
  3. Sometimes, if i get to stoned i cant eat because its too over powering...i know weird..
  4. Damn, that's a horrible loss. I lost a few things not so long ago. It used to be the case that edibles would make my legs and my eyes insanely warm. Not in a nasty way but in a lovely, cosy and satisfying way. It just doesn't happen anymore.
    As to your own loss, it could be something else in your diet. Cannabinoid receptors are most populous in the Hypothalamus which plays a key role in hunger regulation, which is why when we flood our brain with the wonderful neurotransmitter that is THC; we get the munchies. The only thing I can think of that would be able to suppress that would be an inhibitor, a chemical antagonistic to cannabinoids, something that binds to the receptors first and blocks the transmission.
    However, I have no idea the identities of any such inhibitors so I can't actually tell you what it might be that you are ingesting that is the root of the problem. The only thing I can ask is have you made any changes to your diet recently?
    But for all I know it may not even be a physiological problem caused by diet, it could be psychological.
  5. I'd say try a strong Indica.  :smoke:
  6. Well that is unfortunate for you.
  7. I get that too sometimes. Could possibly actually have to do with the kind of weed you're smoking. Weeds with higher amounts of thc-v give you a stronger high with a suppressed appetite.
  8. atleast you wont get fat
  9. Werd! The reason OP doesn't get the munchies is because Sativa strains don't have as much CBD (the medical properties) so his appetite doesn't get stimulated. 
  10. I think tolerance has part to do with it as well. Not saying that experienced stoners don't get munchies, but the noobs seem to have it a lot more. I know I did. I kind of "grew out" of the munchies after a few months of consecutive smoking. I'm not complaining though, I didn't need those extra 4 bowls of cereal a day haha. But once I would get exposed to's pretty hard to stop lol
  11. I never really got the munchies after smoking to begin with. I never got hungry or desired food while high, but when I do eat, it makes a big fat greasy cheeseburger taste like heaven between two buns. That's for damn sure haha
  12. I wish I would not get the munchies. I have to limit myself because I can't gain anymore weight. The munchies are very overpowering sometimes.
  13. tolerance .take a longer(2month) me

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