i dont get the munchies any more

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  1. i have been smoking for a few years and when i stared smoking i always used to get the munchies....but i dont anymore. just wondering if anyone else stopped getting the munchies too or never has gotten them or am i just not normal? oh and if you still get the munchies what is your favorite food to eat?

    i used to live to eat frozen gummy bears
  2. Well, I still get them pretty bad, but it does seem like the effect has diminished a bit.

    It used to be terrible, all the food would be demolished and gone the next day. And I would always find myself eating the most random, borderline disgusting things, if there wasn't any decent food around.

    I'm going to buy some gummy worms/bears, get vaked as hell, and eat them just because you mentioned it...haha.
  3. I can relate. I've eaten rice krispy treats wrapped in fruit by the foot. after about 10 of those (im not shitting you) I almost shit myself. The thing is, fruit by the foot and rice krispy treats kinda make you feel like your stomach is exploding when combined, and you can't shit..

    that was almost a year ago haha and I rarely get the munchies that bad anymore...occasionally I will munch out, but never to the point of making my stomach hurt.
  4. Better left for the seasoned smokers section I believe.

    But yea Ive only been smoking for 8 months or so (pretty heavy, now ill smoke a 8th a day of middies) and i dont get them much any more either.
  5. I dont have a favorite munchie food...smoking pot does not give me the munchies either...when I eat I have to force it down...I hate eating stoned.

    I have a twin bother (doesnt smoke)that weighs about 300lbs...I weigh about 180

    wrong section of the forum too

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