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I dont get the French inhale

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JJmatix, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. so if im supposed to be taking a big hit so i get a lot of smoke, how am i supposed to then breathe in through my nose if i have used all my lung power taking in the smoke in the first place?
  2. take a hit an hold it in your mouth, then open your mouth and breath via nose = french inhale.

    you don't have to take a huge hit to do it, it's just better that way :smoking:
  3. Yup :)
    Small mouth full of smoke, Let it roll out your mouth and suck in with your mouth as you force it out with your toung. Slow and steady.

    Ive mastered the french inhale. And if i can i do it am much as i can. I love how it makes my nose/Head feel!!

    Verry nice indeed!!
  4. I've smoked for a long time, and only recently have I mastered the french inhale. Once you start getting it though, it works itself out as such. Just keep at it. That's really the only advice I got. It gets frustrating...but is fun to do blowing rings and shiz.
  5. Hmm, I started to french inhale when i started to smoke. I had a friend who thought his was cool, So i learned it that day and showed him off.
    We would always combo out tricks, Like we would frenich inhale, Blow o's and do a guppy.

    Or that n a different order.. lloll

  6. It's easy to practice with a hookah since you get a lot of smoke from hookahs.
  7. i still cant do that shit right and ive been smoking for 10 years...i just stopped trying
  8. Its best with a joint/blunt, FYI.
    Draw in to your mouth, with your cheeks, for at least a few seconds, so that th3 smoke is thick. Almost as if you are sucking a real thick shake through a straw. But dont swallow smoke or you will hurt yourself. Now, without breathing in or out, slowly open your mouth into an O shape, and push it out with your tongue while slowly clsoing your mouth, the smoke will push out in a thick cloud IF you do not breathe out, use your mouth only for this part.
    Then once its in a cloud in frontb of you, move your face forward anbd inhale as hard and fast as you can to get as much of the smoke cloud as possible.
  9. Wait, french inhale is going from your mouth to your nose,correct? If so, when you push it out with your mouth, shape you mouth as if you are trying to blow air into your eye, but push it out quickly with your mouth(WITHOUT exhaling or breathing) and inhale deeply with your nostrils. This was the easiest trick for me.
  10. I'd like to think I'm pretty damn good at it. You gotta get a lot of smoke and use your mouth to push it out. Dont push it out of your mouth with your lungs unless you can circle breath.

  11. Whats a guppy?
  12. Well this is how I do my french...

    1.Take a good sized hit, but save some breathing room.(When I do my tricks I try not to inhale it. I usually suck as if im sucking out of a straw.)
    2.As you open your mouth, slide your tongue as if you were about to stick it out but not fast.
    3.There should be some smoke that should be coming out and once you see a nice cloud suck in your nose.
    4.At this point to continue the french I let my tongue push out to keep the smoke flow.
  13. im happy to see how many people cant do this, i feel special cuz i learned it the first time i tried, take the smoke in your MOUTH not your lungs (my buddy had that problem so i figured ide put it out there) and ya the smoke comes outta your mouth if it opens, so open it and breath in though your nose and BAM, results may very with as much smoke as u have
  14. I can do every smoke trick i know.

    To french inhale you gotta pull the smoke into your mouth and push it out with your tounge and breath in with your nose,
  15. Usually I take the hit, let the smoke chill in my mouth, exhale throughout my nose, And then push out my the tounge and inhale through the nose.

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