i dont get pruning

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nyc-smoker, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. I still do not get how to prune @ pl@nt it is @bout to for me too but i dont get how.
  2. what dont you get about it ?
  3. Are you pruning to reduce shading, make the plants bushy, or for cloning?
  4. It might be c@lld topping but is wh@t i w@nn@ do it cut it in the right spot so when it re-grows two stems will grow out.
  5. HIGH All, topping is done to keep the plants small and bushy, promote "branching", and increase the overall yeilds of the plants.

    Here's a couple of pics to show where to top. The last pic shows where the new shoots will come from.

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  6. HIGH All, another thing you could do to promote more shoots is to FIM it. FIM stands for "Fuck I Missed" which means when topping you leave at least 10% of the top. When done successfully you could get anywhere from 4 to 5 new shoots...sounds better than just two eh!

    I use toe nail clippers when FIMing, you get a cleaner cut with them.

    The pic on the right shows how much I left of the top. (not a good pic)

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  7. when u top @ pl@nt how long does it t@ke for the new stems to st@rt growing out???
  8. I just read this thread and i like you "FIM" idea, never tried it but I just topped 24 plants like that and hopefully something will happen Ill post again as they start to split adn how it all goes..... You know how long before they regen. , how it works... etc....
  9. takes maybe 4 days for axilary buds to start up.

    i top the 4th node ... this is a plant that i just did about 4 days ago...already seeing growing happein in the axil.

    these axils wouldnt have been growing if i didnt top the plant. i like my plants about 2.5 ft when they are done.

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  10. so is FIM definitely much better than the traditional method of topping? i like how the "8 to 10 new shoots" thing sounds with FIM.... but will it really create that many more shoots if you FIM it? cuz if so... i can see yeild going up as much as 40% or more with FIMing... all the new shoots and branches and all...

    thx all,

  11. no u cant that many i have heard about 4-6 new shoots from each time u FIM. That is still alot but then 2. :-D
  12. well.. screw the traditional method then.. lol, why use normal pruning techniques when FIM gives you almost 3 times or more of the desired effect?

  13. Cut right abouve a place where a flower would grow. Usually people cut right under a leaf to be used for clones and let the original part grow bushy.
  14. when is the best time to start topping a plant?
  15. From the last time I posted and FIMed I alrady have my axial shoots going out and can see new growth already starting on the top... I think Im goign to prefer this was of pruning next to the traditional... The only fallback is cloning but with these branching out It should bush....
  16. if u top a plant it there i chance it wont work and one one stem grows back. and can someone post a pic of a grown back stem from topping.
  17. When experimenting with my clones I tried topping some, and although I got more buds per plant, the buds were much smaller and gave less yield than the un-topped clones. This could have been caused by other factors, of course. Anybody else have the same results? All of the above mentioned clones were from the same mother and, besides being topped, had exactly the same growth pattern.
  18. also how does it grow back? cause it has been a week since i topped and now a new stem is growing back but next to the old cut one and that one is not growing the old cut one. so why is only one growing back?

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