I don't get it.

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  1. Why is it illegal to grow marijuana and buy the seeds when it is not illegal to buy or grow opium its just illegal to harvest but since its only illegal to harvest its pretty hard to catch someone harvesting opium unless they have a big farm of it.
  2. It's not illegal to buy seed, it is to germinate however. You can claim to be "collecting" them with not intention of planting, i think. I may very well be wrong though. As far as the opium comparison goes, there are far too many things to question as to the limited legality of the herb, we could talk on this for months.
  3. yea i guess that is true but it just bothers me how the government allows anyone to grow opium but no weed because since anyone can grow opium makes it easier then weed which would make people prefer to use opium then weed and opium is obviously bad since it is pretty addictive
  4. If you compare the yield of a marijuana plant to a poppy plant, you get far more yield off of the marijuana plant than the poppy. A backyard garden full of poppy wont get you much, then there's also the making of whatever opiate you want.

    It's just not very efficient so the government itsn't too worried about heroin addicts growing there own drug when they can get it down the street right now.

    But when you talk about marijuana it changes. It's relatively easy to grow, big dollar per gram yields if done right, and no need to do any sort of process to make the drug; you simply let it dry.

    Those qualities make it more of a threat to the government and therefore make it illegal.
  5. Also, most of the pretty red and orange poppies you see in the US are corn poppies. They have a very low level of opiate alkaloids, mostly you're going to get rhoeadine if you cook them down, and that's just a mild sedative.

    If you had a field of big white Afghan poppies in your yard, the DEA might ask you some pointed questions.

  6. Great way of putting into perspective the relative reasons why the US Gov. is more willing to persue cannabis cultivators versus opium cultivators.

    On the other hand it's a pretty disgusting concept that our government persues cannabis when poppy has far worse harmful possibilities.
  7. You are very well wrong IF you live in the US.:(

    Very few companies are allowed seeds. One of those being bird seed companies and even then the seeds are sterile.
  8. Hmm, idk I could swear one of my grower friends has been getting seeds from the same website for a while. When you go to checkout it has a small print warning about them being for collector purposes only. Maybe they are sterile, that would def be a possibility. Ill go searching for the site here in a min after i finish dinner, ill post the link when i find it but until then i don't expect anyone to take any of this as fact
  9. Oh ye none believer.:p Here is part of another post;

    It is covered in US Federal law. That is why the seeds in bird seed are sterile and covered by a special permit.:(

    Marijuana as defined by US law:
    "Marijuana means all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa L., whether growing or not; the seeds thereof; the resin extracted from any part of the plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the plant, its seeds, or resin.

    I wish it were otherwise.:D There have even been defenses that tried the "this is not Cannabis sativa L but rather Cannabis Indica Lam. The courts ruled that the intent of the law covered Indica also.:devious:
  10. Ok that sums it up haha, thank you for setting the record straight. :hello: Oh and it sucks that this is in fact the case! :(

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