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  1. I always read like 10 stories a day about people getting caught by there parents and have to do a drug test. If they caught you with weed or smoking, NO SHIT YOUR GOING TO TEST POSITIVE. Why do they test you?
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    You know, Back when I was about 14 I got busted 100% red handed, home made bong stuck to my face, and toking, and yes, they made me go take a piss test to confirm what they KNOW I was doing.. the bitch for me was both of my parent's ARE pot heads, and they played that whole double standards crap.. its weak...

    But srsly.. why waist the time or energy?
  3. Because some parents don't believe something until it is absolutly proven. Just to make sure there is no doubt in their mind that it was in fact marijuana they were smoking.

    I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that. I've been on my own for many years now. =D smoke weed everday don't give a fuck.
  4. To see if there is any other drugs in your system, just because they are brainwashed into the whole "gateway" theory.
  5. cause some parents are stupid and think that all weed is laced and think that your gonna test positive for crack so they can push you into a rehab clinic...i was kinda lucky my mom was a speed freak and learned that hard way to accept weed
  6. Probably to see if there are other drugs in your system. But don't forget most things that weed is smoked out of are made for tobacco. They are hoping its just tobacco because they are brainwashed to think its better for you than weed.
  7. if u get caught and u know u cant bullshit ur way out just come clean and save urself a trip to piss in a cup.

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