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I don't get it. Explain?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blazin420, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. Lately I have been fortunate enough to sample a variety of different mj strains. I got a 1/4 oz of Jack Herer, an 1/8th of Haze, an 1/8 of B.C., and some regular pressed Mexican Indica. Not sure of the strain, but its definately from Mexico and definately Indica.

    So, I am very impressed with the Jack Herer. Nice combo of cerebral and body stone.

    I did not like Haze very much. Its much too cerebral for me. I am much more partial to Indica. But, if a really good cerebral high is what you are looking for, damn this stuff was the shit. lol Just not MY particular taste.

    The B.C. was good. Nice nugs. Good body stone, while somewhat cerebral. Not as good as the Jack Herer, but it was definately good shit.

    Now, here's where I am stumped. I just got an ounce of this flat pressed Mexican Indica. It is priced decently at $280 a zip. The smell is INTENSE! I have to put it in 3 zip lock bags just to take it home from work. It just STINKS!! Anyway, its pressed sinsemilla. I've always heard that the pressed shit is not as good. But for some reason, it is better then any of the other shit i have smoked recently!

    I pack a bowl of this shit and I am ON MY ASS!! This shit is almost incapacitating. It takes some serious bud to make me stumble when I walk, but this shit does the trick! Its mostly a body stone, but it has an effect on your head too. A very trippy effect.

    What is up with this? The Jack Herer is almost twice the price of this shit, but not as good. Sure, the Jack is a much more pleasant "smooth" smoke and the MI is harsh. But that is expected from buds that are not well cured.

    Anyone else experience this?
  2. Maybe the guy you bought it from only said it was Jack Herer to push the sale, and it was only mids or something? Dealers do that sometimes.
  3. i'm not too sure, but from what i've heard, it's packed so tight like that to help the smuggle it across the border, a lot of nice big nugs would all take up too much room and be harder to smuggle than say 1kilo of pressed bud.............but that's not to say that the weed that's pressed is bad to start off with......happy smoking.....Peace out.......Sid

    ps that cerebral high is what i's a lot of

  4. Nope. I checked. I trust the source like a brother. He would gain nothing from lieing to me as I would find out andjust not buy from him anymore. Don't get me wrong, the Jack was GOOOOOOOOD! Definately in the top 5 best shit I smoked.

  5. I know its pressed so they can smuggle larger amounts across the border. I just can't figure out why its so damn strong. Oh well. Whatever. I hope the next zip I get from this guy is the same shit as this. My Mexican Miracle. :D
  6. damn i want some variety buds bad. I like to try new shit..
  7. i get the mexican compress quite often. the quality of it has changed over the years. it used to be dirt smuggled from mexico. there is some still smuggled, but i think the majority of the "new mexican brick" is being cultivated and sold stateside rather than smuggled in. im happier with it then i have been with any other middies around. sometimes i will get it sensi, but its compressed sensi like you mentioned. other times ill find a couple of seeds and the smoke is just so good, that i keep them and this badly cured, hastly, grown weed. but the thing is, on this compressed shit, they give you the whole plant. so its quite possible youve got the top part of some gigantic kola all compressed. matter of fact the sativa ive kept around is from one of those mexican bags. and i love that pheno of the plant! then again i could be completely wrong. but i must say, ill smoke it now. didnt know better back in the day when it was shit.

  8. Could you elaborate on this? Is it more the lack of body stone, or was there something about the high itself? Just curious.. :smoking:
  9. By cerebral I mean its a very trippy head high. Not a body stone. I don't know exactly the best way to describe it, but I didn't like it. When I smoke, I like to sit back and relax. Haze does not relax my body or mind at all.
  10. well if you found what u like just get that
    u will have your homegrown soon anyways
  11. I have this fluffy shit that Ive been hearin might be Sativa(thats the trippy happy shit right?) and I soooooo want to smoke it just havnt been able to with work and shit

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