I dont get it, but its fun to watch.

Discussion in 'General' started by hoast, May 18, 2006.

  1. holy crap its need for speed underground.....lol
  2. All i know is it looks like a bitch to drive down there. I couldn't imagine smokin a couple fat bowls then drivin with all them old mahfuckers and shit.
  3. wow, that was pretty cool :smoking:
  4. Haha - the guy he's stuck in traffic behind has a spinner on his spare tire.
  5. Shiiiit, I know all about that.

    Whatcha mean all them old people? It isn't florida

    Color Changin' Click , For Real, Fuck Dyke Jones.... :p
  6. Casino's EVERYWHERE maybe
  7. Yeah, we get a fair share of old timers, but more so gamblers of all ages. Strip is usually packed with young party-goers. Traffic is a bitch down there....
  8. Yeah, I guess when you come from minnesota things are a wee bit different with our casinos, hehe.
  9. Is this worth the 68mb download? Im lazy and all i understood from the posts was something to do with traffic and old poeple.
  10. Its not meant for you to download it and watch it ponderingly. How I did it is just finished smokin 2 bowls then it popped up from some dudes profile and I watched it. That's why its fun I guess.

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