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  1. the saying goes, "nice guys finish last", well that statement is true.  the truest statement I have ever heard, but why is that exactly?.  its actually kind of pathetic but I have no friends at all,  have not dated in the past two years and have basicly said the hell with people in general, I realize that's a poor way to be but when all your friends lie to you and all your girlfriends lie to you I suppose at some point you get fed up and just say, "f--- it all".  has anyone else felt like that?...my so called friends only wanted me around if  they thought I could do something for them. I figured that out pretty quickly and told them all to screw off, the ladies on the other hand thought I was great, that is....until they figured out I could never give them the type of life they thought they deserved...what a load of crap...its just all hard for me to understand.
      I get depressed as hell about all of it, then I smoke a good blunt and feel so much better. 
       keep in mind im not knocking all women, just saying that I don't understand they way they think, it"s like 95% of them think that they only deserve a guy who has a ton of money, drives a 30,000 sports car and owns a big new house.  and as far as friends go, I don't know about that either, after awhile of putting up with two-faced people you kind get to the point where trusting anyone is hard to do.  I was married at one time, that was a dumpster fire, after we separated shortly after that she commited suicide....she left behind two kids from a previous marriage that I have not seen in years...I just wonder if anyone else has dealth with this trust issue problem and how to get past it and move on...

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    You just have to remember that you were born into this world
    a single soul among billions of others... sometimes it's just where
    you are that is effecting you. Focus on what makes you happy and
    build yourself up to where you want to be in life before you think of
    who you want to share it with.. if you're social, be social, and if not
    you should just the same remain as you are. Get away from the
    depressing scenery. move on with your life and have a change in
    pace. You are heavily over-thinking about matters of the mind that
    do not matter at all; for when a real woman arrives that is mature
    enough to appreciate the same things that you do, and more, it'll be worth the wait.
    It is never easy losing a loved one (tragic, or otherwise), and I can attest
    that at times the pain can be most unbearable-- but you have to push
    on. As long as you can find yourself, life will find you; but forget yourself
    in sorrow and you'll never have a life again.
  3. that's the most truth I have heard in a long damn time, thank you......

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