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I dont get it..all these people who have their med card?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jvsdiojisio, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Did they have legit reasons to get their med card or did they find a loophole some how? People keep telling me to get my med card like I can just go see a doc and get it..even if I have no problems..why? And how..

  2. it depends on the state, and the doctor.
  3. I'd say the majority are genuine patients though a large percentage are sneaky stoners lol.I don't have a card and don't think I will be needing one as the chance for legalization setting in soon is looking good but I've heard that it isn't difficult.You must have some sort of condition, most stoners just exaggerate their issues making them eligible for a card.You could complain to your doc about some joint pains to simply loss of appetite.Having a history of recurring condition will help tremendously. This can range from broken bones to cancer.Hope I clarified that well.~1996 Jiggawattz~
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    My dad has ms and I just recently got him to give and get a card...he's a fully legit med card holder. I myself also use it honestly for meds...I've stopped taking pharmaceuticals as a result of having better access to cannabis.

    Sure there are shady docs and smokers out there but when I go to my doctor the people there seem like patients on the up and up, but that also may because I choose to use a reputable place and pay a little more for it.
  5. Venice Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, Insomnia.Kottonmouth Kings
  6. Yah it really depends where you live.  Some states you need to basically have cancer or AIDS and tried all the other options before you can use cannabis, while other states its as easy as saying hey doc, I cant sleep, and weed helps.  I have even heard of people skyping a doc to get there card.  Do a little research beforehand on your states laws and what not.
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    I think quite a few might have had 200dollarsinmywalletitis

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