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i dont get "high" anymore

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thelastkennedy, May 31, 2009.

  1. ok so i've been smoking since i was 10 years old, and dont plan on stopping, ever.

    that being said, i dont really get high anymore. maybe like DURING the session ill be high, but it goes away within like 10 minutes, and then im just calm/relaxed. not completely burnt out, but pretty much.... i've smoked 100s of strains... sativas, indicas, hybrids..... its the worst with sativas, even after killing a gram of some super dank sativa, i feel like i smoked a delicious cigarette......

    i've come to accept that tollerance is inevitable. bottom line is that im not willing to stop smoking/slow down to lower my tollerance, so i guess i veiw it as part of becoming "seasoned".......

    still, sometimes i think back to the times when i get BAKED, and i miss it:(
  2. Take a T-break, or else.
  3. Theres nothing ''seasoned'' about not being able to NOT smoke.

    Thats actually the opposite of seasoned really.

    Your suppose to control your stash, not have the stash control you.
  4. im not in the same exact situation but pretty close...i still get high but not for long and my other friends are clearely higher lol. I tried a T break last weekend for the first time in over a year and it didnt fact i smoked everyday i was trying not to lol.

    but last nite I was soo fuckin was really wierd cuz i smoked no more than any other night and i was soo high...felt great lol

  5. Like my friend once said, "Oh, I'm high all the time. But I haven't been stoned in years." You can end it with a small T-Break! One week is enough, and it's not that hard at all. Sometimes it can be a bummer finding something else to do while you'd normally be smoking and/or high and enjoying yourself, but after that week, you'll thank yourself, I promise you.

  6. ya, thats exactly how it is....

    T breaks help, but they're NEVER intentional....... just when im locked up or something..... see i smoke all day, and when i dont have trees, all my buddies do anyways... its like someone tellin you that if you hold your breath for 10 minutes, it'll make breathing better when you take that first breath....... i dont wanna stop breathing!!!
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    A small t-break can work wonders man. Give it a shot and it'll be worth your while. If your tolerance really is that high, a day off could be a huge difference.

    Try other methods of increasing your high. Try making some QWISO extract, I just made my first batch and it blew my mind, and I'm a fairly regular hash smoker. Or try to get a grinder that kiefs and press some hash and roll some spliffs. A dank spliff is amazing if you smoke cigarettes. There are even some things floating around the forum, that I can remotely verify, that involves eating fresh mango an hour before smoking. Lots of little things can increase your high.
  8. ya, i've seen the thing about a mango.... i think i'll try it next time i'm at the store.......maybe combining the mango with a couple day t break will have some nice affects...
  9. try smoking it with hash/shiva crystals/keif/goo guarentee stoned
  10. Take a 2 week break and drink alot of water the whole time and then you will be good. All thc out of your system and you will get very high when you start again, I actually need to start one tommorow.
  11. you need to take a break

  12. Words of wisdom right here. quoted for the truth man.

  13. The cost is what I'd worry about. I take T breaks all the time just because I don't want to/can't afford to spend $30 a day on weed. Currently, since I only vaporize and do a 2 days on/2 days off cycle, I can get through 2-3 months on an eighth. I know, I know, you have some sweet hookup and get cheap weed, but still, it adds up really fast. What do you spend per month on weed?
  14. thats crazy... just take a break
  15. Your just wasting your money if your not getting anything out of it.
  16. so pretty much u have NO roomto complian if uwont take a t break....only way i can say get higher is eating a mango half a hour before...
  17. I'm not trying to be that one guy that bashes everyone, but This is how people get into harder drugs and how the stereotype that MJ is a gateway drug started.
    People keep smoking, Don't feel as high as they used to, And refuse to take a break every now and again to clear out their system, so they try something else.
    Just take a break dude, Don't be like "I'm not gunna stop smoking EVER and still complain about not getting high." It's your own fault then.
    A few days would do it if you don't want to take a week or two off. But at least something...
  18. I will admit that I don't get as high as I used to, but the only time I really ever smoke killer stuff is when I harvest, so my tolerance raises and lowers depending on the time of year :hello:

  19. That is a stupid decision on your part, now you're only filling your lungs with tar for no reason.
  20. If you really can't take a 2 day t-break you need to get into a new routine, like take up a new sport or get a new hobbey and do something else. Your situation is NOT good.

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