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I dont get Completely High anymore

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chronicpenguin, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. I mean, i can blaze, and i feel that im high. But i just dont trip balls anymore. I dont trip at all, i know im high but i just dont trip. It sucks because half of my friends are complete rooks, and i want to be like the old days when i was dumb. but over the past years i evolved and im really good at hiding being baked, but i dont trip balls anymore.
    also when im high i get really analytical of peoples character (not outloud but in my head) i always judge it by the actions they doing, i guess to see who i can trust and not to trust. i need to loosen up somehow but my mind always takes me to this.
    I think its time for a tolerance break.
  2. welcome to the club..
  3. yeah i felt this way when i would toke at school alot

    you need a life change,, smoke times you normally never would instead of the regular sessions
    smoke different strains if you can
    or if all else fails just take a little break, your life shouldnt revolve around smoke
  4. i smoke some pretty gnar strains, definately not the weeds fault.

    i wouldnt say my life revolves around weed, its just summer time in my town theres nothin to do without leaving it and spending massive amounts of money. i have school in a week, and i have a really hard delima. rich town, no dealer, im the only one, and im thinking about getting out of the game.
  5. yeah man im in the same situation. i do the analytical thing and try to make a meaning out of each action a person makes. just take a t-break for a few weeks and then start training yourself to enjoy it when you trip balls...worked for me :D
  6. its weird though, because ive never smoked by myself.

    So its weird when im the guy with all the dank and i dont want to blaze. And it sucked when my friends were like u can blaze ill just watch(in which i would end up not blazing), so i dont want to do the same thing to them.

    i really hate that i get analytical of peoples actions, thats like the only thing i "trip" about.
  7. just stay clean for a week then by a dealers cup roor and rip like a fuckin half out of it trust me ull trip balls
  8. just tell your friends youre taking a little break to clear your mind, they should understand. if they want to smoke, they should go buy the dank...dont let them rely on you man
  9. IM pretty much coming to that point i need some intense piff to really get me there....i am hoping to take a lil vaca and hopefully get completly boshd
  10. Ya honestly that has been happening to me for years.... try taking a tolerence break that helps a little.
  11. That's what happened to me I was high so much that being high gets to be normal and is not as fun so im on a long t-break
  12. haha yea thats me right now!! i'm on tbreak and i'm goin drink some detox tea for next couple days

    it works, take 2 weeks off and drink detox tea for 2 or 3 days, 2 times a day,

    then u'll trip balls after that :cool:

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