I dont feel the least bit bad for people who are stupid...

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    "Vince was 16 needed the kidney surgery right away, but his Mom and Benny would lose the house. The house Mom had paid for working two backbreaking jobs for so many years. Benny, his little brother, always so good natured because of a chromosomal aberration.
    He had to get picked up by the cops, but for something that would not make his Mom ashamed. Something he could explain to Benny when he got out. A victimless crime.
    Pot. In the parking lot. Where the cops could see.
    His hands shook as he tried to break up the weed in the most obvious way possible.
    Hoping when the cops came they would not shoot him. Hoping he would not die on the floor in the county lock up before he got a medical referral. It was a risk he had to take. For Mom. For Benny."
  2. this thread is full of win :rolleyes:

  3. five cop cars for one pot smoker idk something doesnt seem right here what state was this in?
  4. VA...and in fairfax country its standard protocoll for police to stop when they see another police with someone pulled over....I guess thats what you get with the third or fourth highest funded police department in the country i suppose.
  5. ^ money well spend.
    edit- another criminal off streets

  6. I had 5 cops cars with spotlights come to my house once because I was sitting on my roof "talking" with this girl

    Somebody apparently saw us climb up there and called the cops for a break in....even though it was my house. Those cops were embarrassed
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    At least you know you're set if anybody ever really does rob your house. Just be sure to keep your ID and the deed handy, just in case they don't believe you when you say it's your house. lol (And who climbs on the roof to rob a house? Did the think it was a rogue elf escaped from the north pole or what?)
  8. i love how this is a thread about stupid people and
    in it a bunch of stupid underagers outed themselves
  9. Iroooonnnnyyyyy.
  10. No they dont
  11. Lol I got banned two years ago when I was 16....
    It wasn't that big of a deal to me considering I was stupid enough to post my age in my very first ever thread lol. I just sat back and read the forums until I was actually old enough to sign up. Being a part of a forum isn't anything secial its just a bunch of bored people and stoners chipping in their two cents, like me. But I also have to say that when i was sixteen I was deffinately still in my rebelious stage, so if a website told me do not enter bc I wasn't 18, what's a kid like me gon a do? The same goes for a lot of "16ers" as well. But, yes, surprisingly a lot can happen to change and mature a person in two years. Its not fair for sixteen year olds but then again neither is weed being illegal.
  12. "The best counter culture community on Earth".

    O ya, just not for people under 18, and no talk of drugs other then cannabis, and no porn, and no name-calling, you must play nice and watch your mouth.
  13. If you're going to bash it, why be a part of it? You're free to go elsewhere. I don't see the point in complaining about something that is 100pct in your power to change.
  14. No, I like this forum. It has some diversity. Im not bashing, I just find it funny when someone breaks a rule theres always people who get a kick out of telling them they broke the rules of a internet forum and what there punishment will be. Even though they really shouldn't care at all.

    Its like wtf, you constantly break a law in real life, yet you care about trivial rules of a internet forum. Its kind of like someone saying to you in real life, "smoking weed is illegal you know, have fun in jail".
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    The rules are in place for a reason. They're pretty simple here as well. Members should point out when other members break a rule, it helps people understand them. The only time it's really a huge cult following, is when someone is underage.

    A lot of the people pointing out people breaking rules, find it hilarious that people can't follow the simple ones here.

    I understand the consequences that come along with smoking weed. Yet I still do it. I understand the consequences that come with breaking rules here, and I try and remain in them. I don't understand the analogy you're trying to make, as many people disagree with weed being illegal, but many of those same people agree with the rules here and understand why they're in place.

    Some of the rules are in place for liability issues, to keep the site running smoothly. There's multiple sites that allow you to talk about the things you mentioned.

  16. thats basically why there is an age ban in place
  17. [quote name='"[[jamminout']]"]

    thats basically why there is an age ban in place[/quote]

    I don't understand, are you trying to imply I'm underage?
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    Not everyone on GC is breaking a law TP use cannabis. Also on this site, people have interest in the rules being obeyed because it keeps the forum going. Irl, you don't have any real interest in other people's life and no one really has interest in yours, so you have no reason to care if someone's committing a victimless offence/crime.

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