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I don't feel so good...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. BLAH! I don't feel so good. I'm already naturally anemic and I have a serious iron deficiency at the moment. My tongue hurts because of it. It's like I stuck my tongue in hot soup and left it there for 2 minutes. I can't hear very well so I think I have an ear infection on top of that and Dr. DoLittle can't see me until Monday. I'm all tired and blah. My eyes keep watering for some reason and YES! I'M GRUMPY!!! Not too bad grumpy but enough for me to want to stay high 24/7 until Monday! There's got to be something else wrong but luckily I can't think of what it is right now. :p

    Thanks for letting me vent. If you don't feel good, post it here. This is the Official Wah Baby thread, today.

    After you get it all out, you have to get high. It makes things me. :D
  2. Sorry to hear you are down and under the blah's..

    I hope you get to feeellliinnngggg 1. million % better in the next few seconds..

    You know we love ya!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks, Bud Head!

    I was really hoping for everyone else to start complaining about their shit to so I wouldn't feel like the lone ranger but if you all feel good then more power to you. :)

  4. BUT HONEY, if we start complaining about our problems, then our attention would be away from our true love.. YOU!!!!!
  5. That's perfectly fine with me. Surely someone else feels like crap today...
  6. im broke and outta weed i tryed to shovel for money but i broke the shuvel :( and im going nuts:`
  7. your not alone :D
    i havent been able to breathe through my nose since late friday congested,im sure i have a fever, i have a headache,a terrible cough. somthin leaked out of my face onto my pillow(im sure it has somthing to do with my congestion ;)) its my birthday and were totally snowed in, the kids are home from school AGAIN.......
  8. I feel you. I was sick for 2 and 1/2 weeks. Bad sinus problems. I couldn't breathe through my nose, I could breathe normal, but without coughing everytime I did. I had a constant sinus headace and my sinus cavities were like AHH in my cheeks. It was horrible. I wouldn't wish that one anyone. Anyway, I hope you feel better! Take some medicice. Or go to the doctor.. like I didn't :D
  9. well i'm bored. out of my skull. everyone's at school or work and here i am with nothing to do at all. no herb to smoke, no money to buy herb, and no friends to be bored with. and there's an ant on my desk. i hate ants. there we go, i trapped him under a soda can. i'll decide what to do with him later. i'll probably just let it go cause i'm odd like that. well anyways i don't feel good. i'm depressed and lonely. oh well, at least i always have you guys around.

    hope ya feel better soon rmjl. stay hjgh till monday!!

  10. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Hey Critter...don't make my Wah Baby thread all happy!!! :mad:

    ::: stomping foot :::

    There's a birthday thread for Ms. Higha out there for you to jazz up. :p
  12. l didn,t see the other thread :D.

    But it was still better than telling you how great the weather is here [about 80 deg each day].

    Life is fantastic mid summer in the land of OZ.[​IMG]
  13. Damn're still trying to make it happy!!!

  14. good karma vibes going yo way........:p...
  15. I'm so sorry to hear that you're feelin under the weather, I hate being sick in any way. Get better as soon as you can and feel good! And so ya don't feel alone, I'm not feelin too good today issues :( to make it worse I have no bud = /. But anyway, make sure you take care of yourself and rest and get well quick!
  16. no our rumjil is "not so good"

    as i am in no way medical i prescribe you go out and get laid :D


    nope i am just about fine so i cant de-lone ranger you.. unless you count sleep deprevation and blurry eyes :) but i am like that 24/7 so... meh
  17. maybe I can help :) :) :) :) heres some smiles for you. im snapping my fingers...anything happening???
  18. I do feel better but I've also been stoned all day...except when I was asleep but I'm pretty sure I was stoned then too. :)

    I'm sorry about the love issues issues suck! :(

  19. HIGH All, *LOL* coming here makes me feel better *LOL*....maybe this will make you feel LHM and Boss Friend have an ear ache too..well that was yesterday...don't know about today..Yet!! Bizzare how things happen eh!

    Hope your better today my friend....hate seeing people who aren't their 100%

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