I dont feel like a normal blade anymore.

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. tooooo much attention to me. i realise this thread kinda just adds to the problem, but if i dont say something now its gonna get outta hand. heck, it IS outta hand. i dont deserve, nor want all the attention i've been getting. everyone responsable is starting to piss me off. luv yas all of course, as ever, but you're still startin to piss me off. why? because your making the message less visable than the messenger. i am not important. just because i often talk about important things doesnt make me special in anyway.

    Rumjil, i wanna know... did you feel this way too? cos i realise i'm one of the ones responsable for doing this to you. maybe i should go back to forever calling you reformmaryjanelaws to help keep the message alive. ... hehe, nah, that message will never die.

    i could waffle on more, but i think ive made my point, i dont wanna cloud the issue.

  2. I don't think you're awesome for the things you say, but for who you are.

    I still get the message.
  3. Then go into perma-lurk mode like I do (not that I ever got a whole lot of attention to begin with). I only post when I'm really interested in something.

    Not to mention that plenty of other people around here get more attention than you. Namron used to, Critter did before he deleted a bunch of his posts. RMJL and Sensimil get plenty of attention for various reasons. Being kickass, nice hotties doesn't hurt.

    Then there're the flash posters that show up and get lots of attention for a while simply because they post in every other thread, which there's nothing wrong with in my opinion.

    Attention is only bad if it's obviously unfounded (as in the case of most politicians and media folks) or if it's created by the target of the attention. Neither of these scenarios are true in your case.
  4. British commonwealth reprazent!

  5. permalurk... yeah.. basically i need to learn to shut the fuck up.

    hmm... thnx for that. i needed someone to wake m upto much of that.

    i can't be the observer if i do not behave as the fly on the wall.

    ...... shshshsh.
  6. oh come ond Digit, if you needed someone to tell you to shut up then you should have said so, that isn't what I said however.

    I was just offering the obvious solution based on what you said.

    and believe me, when I want people to shut up I tell them to shut up, you go ahead and post all you want, just don't complain when people aren't disgusted and abhored by your generally intelligent words :D
  7. ... still being shshsh tho. :D
    thnx man.
  8. krazi, youve pretty much got a point across where I wouldnt know the words to say..im not one for anykind of major opinions esp on someones feelings..
    but the irony in this thread is killing me..
  9. Then don't draw more attention to yourself by making another thread about yourself, Digit. Geez! :D

    Digit, people gravitate towards certain individuals. It's a natural thing. I'm no one special...I'm just me...and you're just you. When you respect others, they'll respect you. When you are kind, people will see that you have a good heart and people would usually prefer to be around those who have positive energy than those with negative energy. That's just life.

    Give it some time...we'll all forget about you and you'll have nothing to worry about any longer! ;) I love you, Digi! You know, I'm kidding!!!
  10. i don't understand what the prob is?

    who cares if u or anyone else gets more attention! i think that's part of what the city is. it's all good right! it's if your gettin the wrong kind of attention u need to worry about.......

    ev1 is different with different views and opinions and some will always get more attention, and that's what i like. it's fun. you guys make it fun here. nothing u can do about other people postin about u. but take it as a complement!

    i like reading your posts dig! you have lots of good ideas and sometimes u really make me think! sometimes too much.lol. you make my brain hurt sometimes lol!
  11. oh i forgot!

    your a normal blade dig! don't feel like your not! your just so luved here! nothin wrong with that eh!
  12. Right On Digit we are all equal with our own thoughts and no one should be treated n e more different from the rest.
  13. digit, your no more important than anyone!!! HAH! stick that in your pipe and smoke it...

    your a good guy though ;) if you dont want any attention, maybe goin away for a day or two, or atleast not posting anything, would be good for you?? im not really sure, but everyones getting way to emotional. for one, we are JUST a message board, and for whats its worth, any one of us could be a total fraud. hell. every single person here could each be stationed in a differant trailor in the same park, and we could all be over 60, and we could all be 280lbs, and we would still all think the same as everyone here.

    chill out, smoke some weed, and have a good time! we need every blade here, especially all you over 1000 people, your the glue that hold the noobs together, without you guys, we'd just be a lost flock, with even more posts about Salvia, How to start growing/dealing, best way to smoke, first smoke experience, and how to roll a joint.

    if your going anywhere digit, be sure to tell us all where it is, cuz im sure most of the people here would follow... although im sure thats even farther from what your looking for.
  14. the only reason people make a big deal of it, is because you are.....

    just let it be, do your usual thing and everything shall fix its self man....it's the way of the world....

    and besides you don't draw attention to your self, attention draws to you....:)

    i don't know if that made much sense but im hung over and those are the words i could put togeather, at best.
  15. i dont know about all the others but your messages are the reason why i looked into the messenger. you are way beyond your years,...and mine (that makes me feel a little better) you have a view that many of us would never have seen if not for some of the more serious posts and viewpoints that you do have.
    the message has not been lost in the messenger
  16. Heheh I'm a troller of the city...I usually only post when its a topic I'm interested in(same as krazi)....Would talk alot more if we had a chat tho=P
  17. Digit............. You are a normal you.. We expect a certain typical type of post when we see your name..

    But as with the rest of us, when you make a post of your views, it's you that is behind the post and not as much the topic at hand.... You are who you are and the city needs as many different people as we can get so that we have the different views to help in us making our own decissions about the world in general.....

    We luvs ya friend.. Keep in mind that we are all people with a puter. Hahahhaa never thought I'd say that!!!
  18. someone's having illusions of grandure

    but seriously, i and many others gravitate mostly towards the more serious threads, and there is a real short list of blades here that supply those threads and opinions. so suck it up, and appreciate that so many people here have high regards for your thoughts digit. not 'coz you're a "superblade", but becourse you are sensible amidst much of the noise that flows around here.

    respect is built up step by step. a reputation is made in a moment.

  19. Delusions of grandeur.
  20. i dunno what it is, i remember when i first started comming here, people like you bud head, RMJL, weed boss, i just saw you guys first, and you were all over the place, and other posters were there, but i didnt see them as much, your names just kinda stuck in my head, and now more people are starting to post more that i see, so now im paying more attention to them, whatever the problem is, it will become nothing, just go smoke, relax, and take a load off, chill out, have a good time!!!! dont get all worked up, its not worth it, were all family here, we have fights, arguments, and happy times.... umm... i think i forgot what i was talking bout... ummmm...well... :wave:

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