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I don't feel high unless I smoke with friends now

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by c2k5, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. It's really weird, I can smoke 4 bowls by myself and get stoned. But after smoking 2 bowls with a friend I feel just as stoned as when I smoke 4 by myself. This happen to anyone else?

    And yea i fucked up the title, I still get high, just not as high
  2. Maybe because you'll get just as high either way because your THC receptors shut down at a certain point or maybe because you talk more with your friend in between hits?
  3. Yeah theres a ceiling that everybody reaches with weed. Reaching the ceiling takes a while to happen though, so people take way more hits then necessary while waiting for it. Try doing 2 bowls by yourself and waiting. You might be surprised. If not, idk lololol
  4. I started by smoking only with friends and never with alone.. And We would all share the same bowl between 5 or 6 people sometimes. I would take 2 hits and be baked but we were also hot boxing soooooo a lot went on that I can't really remmber now though.. Try this.

    Next time you smoke by yourself do one bowl and wait a few minutes then do another and then wait like 10 and see where your at and decide from there..

    I noticed smoking in a group is very different from smoking by myself.
  5. Maybe you just think your as high because you might be having a better time. I dunno.

    Try smoking two bowls by yourself and wait a little bit to see how you feel.

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