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i dont feel good on weed anymore but i keep going back!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Idahopotato123, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. i smoked daily for about a year, and then i decided to quit because i just dident feel good anymore, then about 2 weeks after i tried it again hoping the high would feel good did feel a LITTLE good, so i tried it again the day dident feel good anymore, i have been trying to quit since there is no point anymore, but i keep going back on the hopes of it being a good high but it isent, why dosent it feel good anymore its driving me crazy!! :(

    btw i dident feel good a long time smoking i just used it to fall asleep but it dident even help that mutch, i only felt good for about maybe 3 months i really loved it, i dont know why i feel like this it kinda feels bad to be high but i keep doing it anyways
  2. any responses would be apreciated
  3. It works differently with everybody. Why use it if it doesn't make you feel good?
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  4. Cannabis is not for everyone.
  5. Didn't you post this thread the other day ?
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  6. everytime i quit i get the feeling that the next time i smoke will feel good because of the crave, but it dosent just a little for the FIRST time if i havent smoked in about 2 weeks
  7. Then just remind yourself that it's not going to feel good, mabye switch to cbd?
  8. What, specifically, doesn't feel good about it? Some things could just have to do with the strains you are using. For instance, if you are getting really paranoid you might be better suited for a heavy indica or high cbd strain. That's just an example, but there are definitely some things that can be remedied just by being more aware of what you are smoking. You could also try vaping or edibles and see if actually inhaling smoke is what makes it unpleasant for you. And of course, as others have said, smoking just isn't for everyone, like anything else.
  9. edibles felt more comfortable but i dident get high i just got relaxed. I kinda feel slow and i Sometimes get anxiety and it just feels uncomfortable and irritating
  10. Close to impossible to get Where i live
  11. You don't feel good when you're relaxed?!
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  12. Yes i do but it wasted to much weed and is time consuming plus i dont really get a high Unless i Atleast Double the dose needed
  13. I don't think weed is for you bro
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  14. More variables than just weed are at play in human existence. Expecting a shiny rainbow with a leprechaun and a pot of gold every time you light up is purely delusional.

    For example if you are a heavy set obese person you may feel like shit every time you binge on food after you toke, and your fat person habits are what make you feel like shit. The same fat person will blame weed and cry about depression not realizing it is just affecting the person consuming such copious amounts of food. The next person with the same weed might feel amazing and decide to go for a 5 mile jog and get a boost from adrenaline and endorphins. The difference isn't the weed, it's the willingness to do something with life instead of being a lazy fatass.
  15. It's the dopamine. Weed releases dopamine (the high) which has a diminishing effect over time. Messes with the dopamine pathway basically meaning you stop seeking dopamine activities (lose drive to do fun happy shit).

    Where you at with your life? Are you overal happy or are there things you need to change and just using weed as an escape? Because it's the latter that usually have issues with weed.
  16. Im not very happy in life right now, i would like to change it but its not up to me. I heard weed is like gold during depression but i dont feel anything, kinda feel worse sometimes
  17. Weed is not for you.
    It's ok.
    Work on yourself, sounds like you need to make life changes.
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  18. I have a similar problem my highs are usually great my mind just sometimes goes to a dark place and then i get depressed and start overthinking everything this happens when im sober also i get moodswings this kinda shit didnt really happen before i started smokin..i love the herb but its best used in moderation when stressed the thoughts can get overwhelming but ull be ok maybe just try cutting down a bit or take a few days off
  19. Always down to you mate. Happiness is a mindset. I find weed allows me to introspectively look into my life and issues but for some people it means bringing them to the surface which can be scary.
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  20. Many ways to enjoy life.


    Diet and exercise are plenty for many people. Have you tried that?

    Sense of accomplishment is another. Set goals? Build or create something?

    Faith? Maybe what you are seeking is not in the physical world?

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