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    So maybe it's the fact that I haven't been working and haven't really gone out to do much of anything of late I've had a lot of time to think... for instance we literally spend our whole lives chasing paper. And a lot of the times you have direct deposit.. so you don't even really see the money sometimes... but yea you see what the money buys you..

    We trade our hours and years of our lives in trying to get more money that it's only value is simply because someone said "this peice of paper is worth something" after it went from the gold standard.

    And the only reason ? So that the cog keeps turning so someone is at the drive through to give you your shitty meal or coffee. Or to cut your hair. Civilization some would say.

    Which brings me to my question, where we meant to live this way ? Or is this some intelligently designed prison (kinda a leap there but hear me out) to keep us in check ? Am I crazy ? Idk GC.. idk
  2. I think your questions are flawed
  3. It's just evolution dude ... what would have been our hunter / gathering time is now just filled with mindless shit we think makes us happy and keeps the boredom away . If you're not happy make some changes , if they don't work make some more . Trail and error . Never be told you can't do something , or it's not possible ... that's just lack of vision .
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  4. Please elaborate if you would
  5. A lot of people feel the same way and have come to this conclusion, you're not alone. Money is not everything, and well yeah, smoke the smoke :smoke: :smoking::smoking-rapper::love-mj::love-mj2::passtheshit::bongin::GettingStoned::love-m3j::RoorRip:
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  6. How much have to smoked today renegade :smoking:
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  7. lol a fair amount... at the time I posted this ... I may of been stoned with my foil hat firmly on
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  8. Nothing is free in life, if we didnt have to go to work to earn money to buy food we would be out hunting for food. The trick is to find a way to get paid to do something you are passionate about. Find a career you think you would enjoy and run with it. You can't work at a 'McJob' and feel fulfilled, those types of jobs only serve to motivate people into building towards a career they actually want.
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  9. I find myself asking similar questions
    To put things in perspective, we live in a post-industrial, technologically advanced world now.
    We've got more time to ourselves than any other point in human history. We don't have to worry about all of the things our ancestors did. But still there's an overwhelming number of possibilities and information overload. I don't think there's any correct answer about how we're meant to live.

    We are the universe experiencing itself. Gotta figure out how to find inner peace and make the best of it, even if your circumstances are less than satisfactory.
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  10. Been there. It's normal, probably just a sign of depression or boredom.
  11. We trade our hours to businesses as labour to produce goods/services, which the business in turn pays us for.

    The money payed to the workers is then re-injected into various businesses in return for receiving goods/services.

    It's called the circular flow of income and it makes the society we have evolved into work as well as it can.

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