I don't even know what to say about this video.

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0-dMgB_T-k]YouTube - Why Do Drug Warriors Always Lie About Marijuana?[/ame]

    Discuss, I'm so enraged, my thoughts simply cannot be processed.
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    ZOMG SUPER POT!?!?!? That waiting list must be pretty long cuz uh...... o wait, these people are just liars.

    Wtf, just watched it again and caught the part about the punishment. 25 years and a 1million dollar fine? I, too, am now enraged.
  3. I saw this a while back. Its old news, bullshit, and quite frankly I could care less. Its not in TX so I don't care.
  4. I think I figured it out. THE WHOLE FUCKING U.S. HAS LOST THEIR ENTIRE FUCKING MINDS. Like really can you be that stupid but smart at the same time hey Im a Super college professor and I own a multimillion dollar company and pot is bad for you because its called "pot". Like really why do people have to be so stupid.
  5. 25 years????!!!!!
    For selling good bud??????!!!!
    i'm shaking my head in disgust...
  6. "comparable to cocain"


  7. no bro, CRACK cocaine... something A LOT worse then regular cocaine....

    and lol, im smoking kush right now and i must say i amatleast 5 times higher then when i smoke regs(regular weed)........... so they may be onto something....
  8. I got 20 bucks that says the weed in the "Evidence" bags is straight shit weed. Damn cops are worst then drug dealers.

    cop: Hey, Psst, Teenagers, I got some SUPER POT.
    kid: But that just looks like some schwag.
    cop: Sir, you are under arrest. Anything can and will be...
  9. They've been pulling this shit here for years only they call it 'skunk' over here. Glad all this is gonna come to an end soon when it eventually gets legalised...
  10. does it say what state this in?
  11. Yeah i saw this a few days ago....it shouldn't be news to anyone that there is different type of weed. Like....WTF its the feds that are retarded, making penalties harsher isn't going to make a difference!!
    I heard on the radio that someone in my state was busted with somewhere around 130 pounds of weed, and the radio personality said "I don't know about you, but if you have kids going down to senior week(Ocean City,MD) like i do, i can sleep a little sounder at night knowing this POT didn't get there."

    WHAT THE FUCK. vfkdsanfjkaekjfa this guy just made me blow a gasket with that statement.
  12. ...the more potent the 'pot' the less you have to smoke...the less damage you do to your lungs
  13. These peope are fucking idiots. I have been smoking and growing this so called super pot for my entire adult life. And yes it is much better than the mexi compacted bullshit that people smoked in the 60's. But it's about the average of what we see in Oregon. And WTF calling it just "Kush". My best herb is the Afghani. These fucking jackass's from D.C. should have a field day with that name. This is why the west should be it's own country and not part of the USA. Everyone in D.C. is a fucking special interests goon. It's time to rise up and say enough is enough. Free the Weed for us and free us from Dumbfuck East Coast Government. It's time to rise up.
  14. "Kush has reached the level of cocaine...."

    You gotta be shitting me..
  15. hahaha. super pot.

    i want some of what their smoking
  16. why dont they make these videos about other fucking drugs?


    Also, Lmfao @ "Kush has reached the level of cocaine...."

    Let me know when someone sucks a dick for kush. Let me know when someone overdoses on kush.
  18. I sometimes wonder why marijuana isn't legal in the U.S.

    But after seeing this video, I know exactly why.
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    whoa whoa whoa!
    hold up officer, when i said i got "GREEN CRACK" i didn't mean i had CRACK COCAINE. :smoke:

  20. bahahahahah did no one else laugh there ass off when they talk about kush like that? its just weed. just another strain, but yet they act like its the biggest thing to hit the streets since crack. . .green crack is supposed to have some of the highest THC levels...kush is just kush. . .god people seriously are ridiculous.."dealers are talkin about selling kush or dro" of fucking course they are "hey man i got some kush its some good shit you want it" the law these days :rolleyes:

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