I dont enjoy my high anymore.. please help

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  1. I've been smoking a lot for about 2 years. I've always enjoyed my high and was always able to maintain my cool. As i kept smoking, i started getting very bored during my highs with my friends. After that i took a 4 month break from it, then i started smoking again and i get paranoid, i twitch a lot, my face looks really stupid (one eye more opened, mouth making stupid face), i find myself very hunched over after thinking a lot, i keep worrying, when i try to relax it doesnt work, this leads me to worry about worrying, i get really paranoid and think my friends are going to hate me, i cannot maintain my cool when im talking to someone who shouldnt know im high (which always worked before). I dwell on all my problems... this is all when im trying to relax!! When i try to control myself, it gets better, but still bad. but i thought you're supposed to not control yourself when you're high. I try doing fun things that i always enjoyed but my worrying negative brain finds a problem in EVERYTHING. Its like i hate everything around me, everything im doing, and i just cant enjoy myself. Bear in mind its not all negative, like i said when i try very hard to control myself (instead of relaxing), it feels a bit better. I took yet another break after that of a month, went back on and its still the same. I've been regularly exercising for a few years and my diet isnt that good but its not any worse than an average stoner lol. So please help me.
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    Look at the brighter sides of life and ignore the negative.
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    If you can master this, "Not to laugh at human actions, not to weep at them, nor to hate them, but to understand them." I promise you, you will posses a priceless and unprecedented calm - enlightenment. Understanding will fill the void of mundane and futile emotions, trust me. All you can control on this earth, 100%, are your own thoughts - so, just learn to understand, and not react.

    You don't find peace, you maintain it!

  4. Well said.

  5. I do this constantly.. have been doing it since like 8th grade but I only realized recently due to a psychology course I was taking.

    Absolutely amazing how true it is. I hate being the silent/awkward kid in big groups, but it's always interesting to watch other people interact and see how they act in certain situations.
  6. Weed is just a thing. peopld try to make it sometjing its not.

    You did it for a while and Now yohr board of it. Its not a Big deal
  7. Yeah I no longer smoke on the regular now it's just not for me and it's no big deal. I found once I matured I realised that I didn't really enjoy smoking as much as I was. So either just stop or cut back, I smoke every now and then if I am in the mood, it's just weed it's nothing special any more.
  8. I don't necessarily enjoy being high half the time, but I get pissed off if I'm out of bud.

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