I dont enjoy my high anymore.. please help

Discussion in 'General' started by liladam, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I've been smoking a lot for about 2 years. I've always enjoyed my high and was always able to maintain my cool. As i kept smoking, i started getting very bored during my highs with my friends. After that i took a 4 month break from it, then i started smoking again and i get paranoid, i twitch a lot, my face looks really stupid (one eye more opened, mouth making stupid face), i find myself very hunched over after thinking a lot, i keep worrying, when i try to relax it doesnt work, this leads me to worry about worrying, i get really paranoid and think my friends are going to hate me, i cannot maintain my cool when im talking to someone who shouldnt know im high (which always worked before). I dwell on all my problems... this is all when im trying to relax!! When i try to control myself, it gets better, but still bad. but i thought you're supposed to not control yourself when you're high. I try doing fun things that i always enjoyed but my worrying negative brain finds a problem in EVERYTHING. Its like i hate everything around me, everything im doing, and i just cant enjoy myself. Bear in mind its not all negative, like i said when i try very hard to control myself (instead of relaxing), it feels a bit better. I took yet another break after that of a month, went back on and its still the same. I've been regularly exercising for a few years and my diet isnt that good but its not any worse than an average stoner lol. So please help me.
  2. Sounds like anxiety to me. Stress is deadly. I had the same problem so i would know.
  3. Your brain wants cannabis, or NEEDS it.

    You might want more tolerance breaks, but also, cannabis should enhance your life, not be your life.

    And don't be high for everything, that kills the fun.
  4. time for a t-break
  5. You gotta change your mindset.. I'd start by changing your bedtime and going to bed remotely early everynight. One major thing that helped me was changing my sleep schedule to help me out.. I used to be in a bad mood all the time. Started going to sleep anywhere from 730-930 at night, (wake up at 6 every morning) and the sleep change has made me feel so much better overall. Now even on nights that I don't sleep much (Friday, Saturday, or late weeknights) I still feel great the next morning and am always in a good mood.

    Another thing I'd change would be your diet. I don't know what you eat but if it revolves a lot around junk food, pop, candy, fast food, etc. that food just makes you feel like shit. Also drink more water.

    A lot of it is also mindset. Try meditation once in a while. Check out the spirituality section of these forums too, and post this here to see if you can get some answers about meditation, or other tactics that could be used to help you feel better.

    Hope this helped.

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