I dont care if you dont believe me.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Zeb0, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. But im definitely getting my dick sucked while im typing/posting this. :D
  2. Hahaha, awesome man, enjoy!

    I had sex during a class in university where we attended by opening a program on a computer..we didn't actually have to be in a classroom, but I still had sex during class.
  3. pics or gtfo....hahahahha jk...enjoy
  4. would you care if "you" believes it may not be a girl that you are with??
  5. I don't care if you believe me...but i don't care lol
    P.s why post? Just faded and wondering
  6. By a bro doesnt count.

  7. is that from recieving or goving
  8. Giving.:)


  9. No wonder everyone's dying of cancer...
  10. Rooster cums first .........not the chicken or the egg!

    That's why the chicken cross the road.
  11. Enjoy it bro.Ask her If she wants to toke after as long as she brushes her teeth.

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