I don't believe racism exists...sort of

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  1. So I'm not saying that people don't get treated differently because of their race, that's obvious. I just don't think it's really a bad thing and that racism is just a word to guilt one side into doing something.

    First off, people don't judge other people by the color of their skin, though it is a heavy indicator (correlation vs. causation). People(minorities) like to say we are judging them based on their skin color because it's some random trait which has no merit for treating people differently, if we judged people on skin color them really tan people would be treated like they weren't white, which doesn't happen.

    -but the fact is we judge people based on their culture. Which is completely legitimate.

    A culture is "The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought"

    So people in different cultures act differently, think differently, have different perspectives, they're different in alot of ways, which is why people treat them differently. It makes sense.

    So basically people are entitled to dislike a person or group of people based on what culture they came from. It's either that or how they act, which is often unobservable, or only slightly observable. So it's the only real way that makes sense to judge people.
    And not judging in a bad way, we make judgments about every single thing we see, it's what we do.

    So basically what I want out of this is for people to stop using the world racist and to correct other when they use it. That way maybe we can get back to plain good ol' fashioned hatred of our fellow man and stop acting like the color of our skin has anything to do with why we dislike people.
  2. are you serious? and you have an avatar of bob marley?
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  5. Like I said people have a right to dislike other because of their culture, Its no different then jocks disliking nerds, stoners disliking cops, or republicans disliking democrats, Its just that when the person has a different skin color they think the person is racist and doesn't think the person has a right to treat them differently. I just think that using the word racist is cheap excuse for refutting someone's opinion. If you don't like the way a person feels about your culture then defend your culture and what aspects they dislike about it, don't just chalk it up to them being a racist.

    I'm not trying to be offensive or say people don't get treated differently, all I want is for people to get to the root of the problem by being open minded and logical about why we treat others differently rather than just assuming someone has a firm stance that won't change because they're mean or something.

    And the person who calls someone a racist is just as closemided as the person who it was directed at, so don't go making comments about racist people being illogical or closeminded, not saying they aren't though.

    It's just I've been hearing about racism alot lately and I think its kind of BS. White people hate other white people just as much as anyone else so I think the word racist is kind of biased and unfair.
  6. Why shouldn't he have Bob Marley as an avatar, and at the same time point out the obvious, that cultures are different, and indeed, some cultures are to be blunt, inferior. Dangerous even.

    Bob Marley spoke of love, tolerance, freedoms. Such values transcend ethnicity. What colour your skin have, do not hinder anyone from adhering to those values. Cultural baggage on the other hand may deny groups and individuals to appreciate those values.

    Some cultures quite simply further hatred, intolerance and restrictions.
  7. What I'm saying is "racist" and "racism" is essentially a derogatory term for a white person who shows dislike for someone other than another white person. And rather than asking what makes people feel this way we just disregard their opinion.

    Why can't it just be one person disliking another, what does race have to do with anything?
  8. When I think of the word ****** I don't think a black guy, I think a complete douche bag that is a hindrence to society. If those people happen to be mostly black I don't give a fuck.

    I've had black friends before in high school, but those that were like normal human beings. None of the gheto shit.

    I doubt many people hate someone strictly because they are of certain race or color. I hate most blacks just because the way they act, not the way they look.
  9. Quite frankly I don't care whether you dislike someone for their skin, origins or culture... because using any of those as an indicator of a person's personality is biased. I think that's fucked up no matter how you put it, and turns you into a jaded, conceited person who does not give people a chance based on their lousy assumptions.
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    I can't say that I'm racist, I hate all people equally but each have their own reason and there are misconceptions in generalization. I have nothing against Muslims and study all sorts of text including religious, but I don't like religious zealot's or extremist. I have nothing against black people but I dislike the stereotypical thug which has a considerable populaces but it's not because the color of their skin. I don't dislike religious people but I hate anyone who is close minded or chooses to be ignorant regardless of culture. Middle Easter, Asian, African, I don't give a fuck what part of the world you are in or how backwater it is, inhumanity (genocide, intolerance to people because of feuds centuries ago, wiping out other tribes for no reasons) is intolerable, there are intelligent people in every corner of the earth since the birth of civilization.

    However I won't say I'm against war depending on the situation. Politics is a completely different topic, I'm trying to but this in a sociological way. I'm only trying to say I dislike some groups of people for certain reasons, I won't lie about that but I truly consider some inhumane or even sub-par on an individual level. I'm very general in that but i'll explain further if need be.

    There is nothing worse than choosing to be ignorant, everyone should strive to become more intelligent.
  11. classism..sexism..racism they all exist.
    why? because people are uniquely human..some judge people..some judge the people that judge people for judging people..i think its majorly relative in a way that preserves each individual culture i guess?
    the good bad and ugly is all us. literally born into a world of sin. no one's perfect.
  12. This is what I like to hear, people dislike others for reasons that make sense, reasons that people of every race share. I liked what Zylark said that these values which we dislike, or like, people for transcend ethnicity.

    Yeah it's not the best thing in the world to judge people without really getting to know them but we have to make assumptions, and we make them alot, it's about making the assumptions intelligently.

    Yup so there's no real point in differentiating them, is basically my opinion.

    Hopefully this thread will end with dignity and not turn into a bunch of flaming.
  13. Of course we make assumptions, it's in human nature to judge someone in some sort of way sub-conciously, it's something every human does, sometime theres bais, other times theres not, be we have a tendency to dislike people, become attracted to them, become alerted if you feel they're suspicious based off that 'first time meeting'. We psychologically size people up. Some people you can just read as it seems they carry their live on there sleves.

    In a way it has something to do with basic survival even though it's learned and biased because of culture. It's simple stimulus and reaction. Say you see someone that intimidates you for a sterotypical reason, thug, biker you form a bias to that person based on your reaction rather than assuming they can be a peaceful intelligent person. The better person would show one respect, it's the ignorant one that responds harrasingly, you would be suprised about the people you meet if you confront them rather than avoid them. But there are those tools who would start shit for no reason just to be hard weither it's in the ghetto or an asshole infront of his friends.

    It's usually misinturprited by their image and people assume it's an issue with culture or race. It's easy to say some people in the middle east are brainwashed religious nuts but thats horrible if you don't include that it's only in some areas due to propaganda of raising them in such a way where they read suicide in marderdom and glory of religion in elementry school.

    I dislike people and groups of people, but I have reasons.
  14. it exists on both sides..........the media makes it seems like just a whites hating everyone
  15. Why do people with different skin color but the same culture get treated differently then?
  16. History, sociology, norms and customs the other race shares or don't. Theres hundreds of years of history, when you take culture into consideration you have your answer, thats why the cure to this is eductation.

    Are you forgetting Black people could vote before women and we're considered second rate citizens up until the late 60's where there were still many racist. Take the ghetto's in cali, washington, FL, chicago, some raised with a bias not to trust.

    It's the same reason why people of the same race dislike each other all around the world, Shiites and Sunnies, tribes in africa. It's all about psychology,sociology, Sociology their culture and history.
  17. Racism exists. Look around you. America has many different ethnicities: whites, blacks, asians, hispanics, jews, indians, arabs. I think it's safe to say that a large number of these people all conform to one culture: American culture. Yet, people with different skin colors are treated differently. Why? Because racism exists.

    Every single person in the whole world is racist to some extent. As someone mentioned earlier, we are human. We can't help it.
  18. Nah, some people are racist. A lot of people down here. You can hate people based on a culture you percieve in your mind, but until you meet every single person of that race and get to know them you have no right to group them into a sort of "minority majority".

    But that's just imo.
  19. I believe there is going to me too much tolerance in the next 10 years.

    Somethings have to be said, thats that.

  20. ^^This.

    One time a person on a bus told me the difference between a ****** and an african American after one person had called another by this term. To me it was both terrible and made sense. Depends on how you look at it.
    What he said was: A ****** Is someone who contributes nothing to anything. They are a waste, loud, obnoxious, dumb or choose not to educate themselfs. Where as an African American is the same as a white person who is a help and contributes to society.

    I've come to think and came to the conclusion that I don't like black people, or anyother color skin, who act like a common black stereotype. The people who in school you coul hear from miles away, they had a completly differen language that sounded like a person who never learned how to talk. They are rude and donT care about much. It just happens that you see more blacks and hispanics acting in this way. I still see a number of white trash people a day but not quite as much.

    Now when you're reading this, to make myself clear I am not racist at all. I am a loving peaceful person. Treat everyone equally, mostly like they are dumb because, well, most people that I encounter are dumb. But it really makes it hard when a black guy comes up to me and pretty much screams at me in some slang lazy version of English. Infact there were just two black girls walking down the street here. I could here their conversation clear from on my back porch. And there were so many 'bitch' 'fuckin' and just other words in the conversation that made no point there and hard o understand so to me it came off as just two annoying people talking extreamly loud and with poor English to each other. But would I have thought different if they where white, or Arab, or Mexican? No. I just don't like people like that and what can I do. They don't help me out at all, they don't make my life easier or smoother. But this doesn't mean that I would treat them badly. If someone needed help I'd help no matter the people. I just most times try to ignore and not have anything to do with these people when they are just being the way they are.

    Hope I didn't come off as 'racist' don't mean to and am not. But these are my views. Like em or not.

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