I dont, and have never smoked weed.

Discussion in 'General' started by Wykid, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. :rolleyes:

    pshhh....yea right. happy aprill fools day. :hello:

    Whats everyone up to today?

    im gonna get picked up by my homie, smoke a bowl, hit up 7-11 and then go to work. :(

    oh well, after work a nice big o' bowl of some purple is waiting for me! :yay: :bongin:

    what are your plans for tonight?

    btw, im a cop. :eek: :D

  2. lol nice i was like what the hell you never smoked weed but have 2000 posts. you just reminded me of april fools i had no clue me and my friend r gonna smoke a bowl too.
  3. I work for the DEA
  4. i'm callin the cops
  5. i dont just work for the DEA I AM THE MOTHERFUCKING DEA!!! o_O
  6. im actually a water person working undercover with the CIA...actually im a double agent working with the Iranian government and im helping them with "stuff". ;) :laughing:
  7. I posted a bulletin on myspace today saying I was going to rehab and I wouldnt see or talk to any of my friends for 6 months. Then I got like 15 messages in less than 10 minutes..
  8. im waitin in a few hours to chill with a friend and smoke a bowl before a school dance 2nite...its like a black and white casino theme...thers gonna be slot machines, poker, blackjack all that shit and a dance of course...but fuck that ill be playin poker blazed as hell
  9. I own pbs fox and abc *dodges bottles thrown his way* I own your ass :p

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