i done goofed!

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  1. so im thinking i forgot to ph my nute mix or something, but this only happened to one of my plants.


    i flushed her out yesterday, but im worried ive done irreparable damage.

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  2. Looks to me like the typical magnesium/calcium deficiency. They use more of those two nutrients during flower and that yellowing/browning of leaves and them dying off is the way you identify it. Don't know how far along yours are in the flower cycle, but they will also go through a shedding of sorts toward the very end when the plant starts to use the sugars stored in the leaves. But when that happens, the leaves just turn pale yellow and die off....no browning or crispiness like you have here. Might have some nute burn going on too....but most likely punching up the mag/cal will do the trick. I'm sure you know by now that damaged and dying leaves do not heal, so don't look for your plant to really look a whole lot better. At this point, it's working on fattening up buds. The foliage goes downhill and the plant just gets uglier and uglier the farther into flower it goes. Totally normally. By the time it's ready to pull, it'll look like bud on a stick. TWW
  3. thanks, shes about 6 1/2 weeks into flower right now. i sure hope they continue to swell up a bit more, shes looking a little skimpy :)
  4. How well they develop out is going to depend on the wattage and quality of flower light you're using. Better light grows you a better plant and produces a fatter bud. If you can bring your lighting down closer to the plants, that will help. By the shape of the bud in pics, looks like you either are a bit short on light or have them too far away from the plants. The buds, once they start filling in, should continually fatten up. If your lights aren't strong enough or are too far away, the bud never stops trying to grow up....to the light. When you get the light right, the buds just fatten and don't stretch. Lighting (especially flower cycle lighting) is the most important element of the indoor grow and you have to have the same strong wattage/high quality light evenly distributed over your plants to get the best buds and most weight at harvest. When I started out, I had no concept of the importance of light or of how to use it to my advantage. It look lots of screwing up to figure it all out. I didn't have the benefit of the forums when I was learning how, so I was lost as a ball in high weeds for about a year. LOL Made friends with the guy at the hydro store and he became my grow buddy and pulled my butt out of a crack more than once. A lot of it is common sense, but a lot of it is stuff you only know after you've done it for awhile....or if you spend lots of time reading and researching the whole thing. It's just a ton of information to take in and resolve in your mind when you start out green. I started out trying to flower way too many plants under way too little light. This got me some sorry harvests. LOL But I figured it out and doubled my flower lighting and halved the number I was attempting to flower. You'll get more weight off a plant if you allow for plenty of space between plants so they can spread open and light can penetrate the canopy and develop out the buds below the tops. When you crowd up a bunch under a single lamp, they all suffer. We run 4, 1000 watt HPS lamps per flower room (approx 10 x 12 or so) and flower 2 plants under each on a 10 week cycle. Once they finish the initial stretch they do when you put them under the flower lights, we bring them down to around 18" above the plants. What determines the distance between light and plant is temps. Those big lights get hot and unless you have the ability to drop the temps seriously in the room and can pull away a lot of that heat off the light, it will burn the plants. Temp in the environment is big. We just pulled out the window units we have in our rooms and replaced them with more BTU's and the difference in our plants is amazing. My goodness...if I had known temp would make that much difference in their production, I would've done that 3 years ago. LOL Even after all these years, I'm still learning like everybody else. Best of luck! TWW
  5. yea im well aware that i have too many plants for my lights. 240w of leds for 4 plants was a bad idea, but im scaling down to one plant for my next grow. shes already well on her way into veg.

  6. Looks like your nutrients are in disarray homie what are you using give me your list and maybe I can help you that would be a good start pic and what nutes your using and how much of each

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  7. Also if your not feeding properly then she will respond to that you've seen this for afew days before it got that bad I will say that your in good shape being that its the end of your grow I would recommend looking into a lucus formula it's simple cheap and plants yeilds can be world records if done right I'm using one in Coco coir with autos I'm excited to see my results

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