I didn't know who else to turn to

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. I'm sorry for putting this all out, but it's hard to talk to anyone about it :(

    I just feel so depressed today...I was talking to a friend of mine online today, and I've always had a crush on him, but it hasn't seemed like he likes me in a long time (I think he used to). I just wish someone would feel anything for me....jeez, I don't even know how to say what I want to :p
    I just feel alone and unloved today and I don't know why...I can't stop crying and I'm so miserable! But anyway, thanks for listening...I don't feel any better, but I was going to explode if I didn't say something
  2. yepyep...we all feel that way at times. Smoke a bowl n start feelin better I say :)
  3. We love ya no matter what..

    Look at things this way. If he is not interested that means that some where out their is mr. right!!!!! He is not it!
  4. things will get better eventually, you just need patience.. i bet someday youll meet an awesome guy thats 100 times better than this dude, and likes you back

    until then, smoke a joint and just let all your worries float away :smoke:
  5. others peoples sadness saddens me, more so when i got nothing to smoke... damn this enviroment i live in toooo cold
  6. As bad as life gets, it can be 150 times better the very next day. Smoke a bowl and remember that the Blades of the City love you!!! :) The love that you're looking for will find you when you least expect it!!!
  7. hey i hoped some of us people helped you a little. well i'm sorry you feel that way, i'm down a lot but i try not to think about it because i know everythings going to get better. and its really not going to be long from now. or so i keep saying. I hope you start to feel better, you have to remember theres people everywhere that love you if you see it or not, ...your not alone.
  8. Don worry, Hempress, I know how ya feel. I am currently... completely unloved... My man dumped me on my ass a month ago and thusly I lost all the friends I met through him. Those being pretty much all the "real" friends I had... so things are lookin pretty lonely for me... But just remember, you always have friends here at the city! I mean, hey, I considder you a friend ^.^ So that makes you special :p
  9. C'mon now Hempy, you too Leainna!

    Everybody has them days. Like Zia said, even us married folks feel like that sometimes.

    Make peace and get cool with yourself first. The other part will be easy after that.

    Ya got a whole world of friends right here.

    Why I remember back when I was young and alone, we did'nt have no internet! We had to actually use the telephone or manually write and mail letters and by gawd!, blah,blah,blah,blah............................yadda yadda.
  10. Know the feelin'- if i could give advice i'd use it myself first though- when you figure out the secret to this one just tell me...
  11. I was talking to my friend Nic about all of this, so he went to the bank and got money to get some weed to cheer me up. We went to the guy we buy mids off...now this is only the 2nd time I've met this guy. We got there, and Nic goes to give him the money...he says "no, give her the money" At first, we thought he was gonna beat us, b/c we thought maybe he thinks he can get it from a girl easier than Nic (*yeah right, no one's beating me for my money*)
    Anyway, Nic gives me the money and I follow the Mids guy into the alleyway, not really scared, but definately cold. Turns out he didn't want to beat us, just wanted to hit on me. It wouldn't have been so bad, if he didn't sound like a player the whole time, asking me why don't I call him, would I sleep with him, if I can come back alone later....
    Now, I'm not like that at all....I've only slept with 3 people in my whole life, and I knew all of them at least 6 months before I did, not meeting them only twice. I have to admit, I'm kinda prudish. He wouldn't let go of me, I had to tell him that we stole the car we had so we had to go to put it back...finally he lets me go and he's like, don't tell your friend what we were talking about. I didn't, Nic asked me b/c he heard everything...he was listening to make sure the Mids guy didn't hurt me or beat us for money...

    So yeah, to summarize, when I said I was lonely, that wasn't what I meant :p
  12. Damn that shits pretty crazy, getting weed around here is just a simple stop by a good friends house and buy some. heh all this wandering into the ghetto of the city and getting shot at for some herb has got to go.

    Im really stoned so dont expect ANY of this to make sense.

    Peace out, i think
  13. speading luvvy feelins to the entire globe.

  14. I'm having one of those days again...when I feel very unloved...don't misunderstand me, I'm not posting this so everyone can reply and tell me how much everyone here loves me...I'm not asking for attention, there's just no one here to talk to (not that I don't want to talk to you guys!) I hope that made sense.

    Anyway....I'm very depressed tonight....
    My brother was going up to our friend Ant's house and Ant asked Julius(my brother) to make sure that it was only him that came up to his house...meaning not me. Why wouldn't he want me to come up there? I don't know why, but it just hit me the wrong way and I'm still crying about it....why does Ant say things like that to hurt me so? Does he even realize how much he hurts me? I don't know, but it HURTS!!!! It hurts real bad.
  15. you know, it cant rain all the time. the big thing to do to get over a depressed feeling is just dream about the future and what it will hold for you. whenever im down i just think 20 years down the road from now, dream about having a wife 2 kids and nice life. it gets me through the roughest of all time. you really just gotta keep thinking positive.
  16. when i feel shitty i go somewher where theres some soft grass and i stare up at the night sky. i try not to think about any thing i just stare. it reallt helps...give it a try.
  17. All I'm saying is it's hard to be happy when the person you care about more in the entire world says terrible things to you sometimes....it really sucks.
  18. i've been there, done that...felt really really bad. it just takes time. thats about all. time heals everything. it will all be fine, just give it a little bit. peace. :)
  19. They're becoming more frequent....those days. Last time I felt this bad I was a week from the hospital...I really hope this week doesn't turn out like that one did.
  20. Hey Hempress, I hope you aren't that close to the hospital this time...been there. I really feel for you...AND I really do know that kind of pain. I know you can come here for comfort, as the city is full of tokin' folks that are REALLY good people. Please hang in there!

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