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  1. I really liked the way these turned out. This is of a "band" that I formed for a joke. We wanted to sing this song called "Pay the toll" (it was a bout a troll), but we couldn't do the song when we performed as a metal band. Anyway, it created a lot of band drama, but it was fun. Anyway.... BTW, it's supposed to look cheap.

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  2. Here's one of this guy who's pic I found on some website a long ass time ago.. I thought it was funny

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  3. Here's another great one. A few years ago (In CA, anyway), a lot of people were putting these stickers on their cars that had like 2 or 3 letters on it. The letters would then stand for something. For example in my hometown of MORENO VALLEY, CA. all these people would have stickers that said "MV". In my current home of MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA. I would imagine that people did the same thing. Anyway, I was poking fun at the people who were putting these stickers on their cars, and also middle aged men driving Corvettes. But, anyway. Here it is.......

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  4. Some people may know that I am a big car nut... Anyway, I did this simple little thing one day:

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  5. Anyway, this is really simple stuff. I just did it for fun. Anyway, bear this in mind: I'm no great artist!

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