i did it for the lulz

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dirt_Mcgirt420, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. heres my story(ill just tell it quick..)

    1.girl was giving me head
    2. i told her i had to piss and id be right back
    3. she replied no im jus doin this a way u neva had it done

    ohh boy was she right...i pissed down her throat..really it was wierd i didnt mean to and it was so ackward i felt so dirty and nasty...(i told u girl i had to piss )

    but she still finished me off
  2. LOLWUT.

    I could never mix urine and sex, blegh. But I suppose if she was ok with it then whatever floats your boat haha
  3. what a whore
  4. Thats crazy!

    ODB for life!
  5. Lol thats the way ODB woulda done it:smoke:

  6. L....O....L :eek:

    Did you kiss her? I wonder how many other cats pissed down her throat...
  7. haha na i dont kiss...only if im going out with a girl then ill kiss them(maybe).
  8. What the fuck.....
  9. thats some funny shit man.

    a lil gross.

    but if it felt good, then its all good :smoke:
  10. Bitch was thirsty:hello:
  11. ew dude! R Kelly would be proud though
  12. some girls are into that shit. Was she ugly?
  13. Ha!.....
  14. I hear the boy enjoys Golden Showers!


    Good job OP, that's kinky.
  15. ((LoL'z)) :smoke:
  16. I dunno, that's so weird. was she fucked up?
  17. haha props!
  18. I have a boner.

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