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  1. Hello!

    Please help. I ate some brownies with THC for the first time and afterwards I had palpitations, heaviness of my extremities and tingling all over my body. I was afraid I was going to have a heart attack. I was reassured that it was just a "bad trip". This happened late May.

    The heart symptoms reoccured every now and then especially after some physical activity. The symptoms became more frequent and also started happening after meals. In addition, I also started having chest tightness plus palpitations I can feel in my throat.

    Last Monday, July 1, I woke up shivering for 20 minutes. I could not move at all because my heart was pumping real hard, my chest was getting tight and I felt very weak.

    I went to the ER where they had me sit for a long time in the waiting room because despite my chest pain, I had normal blood work, EKG and X-ray.

    I was finally admitted after 12 hours, the next day on Tuesday, July 2 at 4:30am. I was sent to a Telemetry Unit where they continuously monitor your heart via EKG. I had more bloodwork done plus a scan using radioactive dye to rule out pulmonary embolism.

    Since my continuous EKG and my scan did not show any abnormality, I was told that I'm being discharged. That was around 4:00pm on the same day I was admitted, 12 hours stay. I complained that I'm still going to be debilitated when I get home.

    Of course they won't see any EKG finding because I was lying on the bed the whole time and I did not eat much for fear of bringing on a palpitation. But certainly I had felt episodes of palpitation, and chest pain even as I laid on the bed.

    I was diagnosed with Atypical Chest Pain which is a catch-all diagnosis for cases that doctors do not understand or could not figure out.

    I felt brushed-off, dismissed.

    Today, I have been lying on the couch afraid to eat, drink or do anything including going to the bathroom for fear of having a heart attack. And it seems to be becoming worse.

    Sorry for the long story. I am just desperate for help. Could you please refer me to somebody who can help my situation? I think the THC might have damaged my heart but I am hoping it is not permanent.

    I am surprised I am able to type this long. Guess I am desperate.

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  2. You just got too high & thought you was dying.. it's called greening out lol

    If you've had all tests done why are you scared you're going to have a heart attack?? It sounds more like you have anxiety/anxiety attacks more then anything imo

    THC also doesn't damage anything lol especially if you only ate it... The only bad thing I've had happen when eating edibles is that I wake up the next day at 6am-9am & need the toilet :laughing::laughing:

    Edit: if you do decide to try edibles again eat a 1/4 of whatever you have then wait 1-2 hours to see how you feel then eat more if needed.. I once ate an edible & got uncomfortably high from then on I started to 1/4 them.. you can always eat more if needed but once you eat the whole thing you just have to ride it out lol

    Also marijuana hasn't ever killed anyone.. the only way to die from it realistically is if someone dropped huge amounts on you from a height:laughing: just remind yourself it's just weed if u try marijuana again & it should put your mind at ease
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  3. Ok, I can post now. The laughing fit has passed.

    You'll be fine. You are not the 1st person to get high on some good shit & hit the panic button.

    If you do it again, shoot some video for shitz & giggles!:love-m3j:
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  4. Sounds like another anxiety attack.
    Every once in a while, someone posts....
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  5. You are having anxiety attacks. That's it. And yes they really do feel that miserable. The heart racing and palpitations are all part of it. As far as the weed hurting you..... not gonna happen. You just had a little too much. If you decide to try it again stick with a indica variety and lower your dose. You may be surprised that it can actually help with the anxiety if taken in the correct amount
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  6. Some people do have severe palpitations from pot, it's even put me into atrial fibrillation a couple of times. Some people go in and out of atrial fib but when mine starts it continues until there's an intervention so I eventually was cardioverted, once after being in AF for about 3 years and the other time after a few months. I worked in coronary care for many years so I'm sure my palpitations aren't from anxiety because I don't get anxious from pot and I know it's not going to give me a heart attack even when my heart's been going 150 for a few hours. I'd be in AF right now if I hadn't had ablations where they burn out irritable tissue from the lining on the inside of the atrium.

    I'm guessing your heart has been doing this for a while but now that you've noticed it happening your anxiety about it is making it worse plus you're more attuned to what your heart's doing. You didn't say how old you are or if you have other cardiovascular problems such as hypertension. You didn't say if you've continued to smoke so I don't know if you're still having palpitations even after not using cannabis since your first episode. I don't know if you have palpitations every time you smoke. That makes it hard to give a reasoned answer.

    Even though there's no question THC can cause palpitations, it doesn't cause damage where you would still have problems long after you've quit smoking. Pot didn't cause my heart rhythm problems, it does exacerbate existing problems though.
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  7. Please do not laugh about my case. I am not a person with anxiety in the first place. I am not histrionic or dramatic. But of course I have episodes of anxiety whenever
    I have severe palpitations, chest tightness and weakness just like any other person. I have a medical background so I have some idea but I don't know everything.

    I had done some research but it seems hard to find information regarding my case. But based on some information that I found there are some people who take THC for the first time, who have cardiovascular risks, meaning, there's already something wrong with the heart, have heart attacks, strokes or cardiomyopathies. And I also found a study that marijuana deaths are underreported.

    Please explain to me why the brownies I ate for the first time, and ONLY time back in May which gave me palpitations, chest tightness and weakness is still giving me the same symptoms, only worse because I can't eat or walk to the bathroom without some symptoms.

    I am a 54 year old woman who is a nonsmoker. I do not drink alcohol. I am not a habitual or recreational drug user. I do not even like pharmaceuticals because of their side effects. I even told my sister who was prescribed a statin which is an anticholesterol to not take it because of it's effect on the brain (eventual dementia). I ate those brownies because it was made with Ghirardelli. I got tempted.

    I already contacted/emailed somebody who may be able to help but I am still waiting for the response. I just decided that there will be somebody in this forum who may be able to give me some information/referral/help.

    I realize your responses to me are based on your experiences. It does not mean I am going through the same. Certainly the anxiety episodes are there but I am not an anxious person. I took the brownies back in May and have not taken any ever since but still have these same cardiovascular symptoms precipitated on that day.

    I was just hoping to find an answer because I am desperately debilitated. I cannot move at all. Please do not be dismissive of me just like how the doctors reacted to me.

    Please help me by asking around about my situation and hopefully I will find an answer that way.

    I appreciate your quick response to my initial post. Thank you.

    Still desperate for help.

    PS I do not post in any type of forum. I was just desperate/hoping for an answer.
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  8. This can usually easily be taken care of with medications. You need to see a cardiologist and convince him to give you a Holter monitor for a couple of days. If your doc looks at the results after being monitored and still doesn't think it's anything to worry over then it's probably not.
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  9. Cactus Ed, can I please call you or you can call me.
  10. I sent you a PM.
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  11. Hello Cactus Ed, I am told I cannot post my reply to you because of "inappropriate elements". I will go head and post a message on the administrator thread.
  12. This thread is truly a roller coaster.
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  13. I don't understand that. I'm disappointed.
  14. Amazing how many threads like this alwayyyys pop up and never stop popping up and never will stop popping up so long as this forum exists.

    TL;DR you’re probably gonna die tell your family you love em
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  15. All in your head I’m afraid. What did all that cost ya? Lmao
  16. Stop smoking weed, it isnt for everyone.
  17. This happened to me brother basically after getting paranoid I was gonna die from too big of a edible I had anxiety for months every time I smoked until my weed tolerance went up.
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  18. I spent two years battling an almost identical story of yours....damn near word for word sounds like my experience but not with weed....this is 100% classic anxiety 100% i have no doubt in my mind. I lived it, breathed it, recovered from it. It can get worse too but its all in your head. Idc if you believe me or not but remember this “itll go away when you forget about it or quit fearing it” simple as that

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  19. Ive helped several on here and fb with this....trust me you are fine i can promise that

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  20. CHILL OUT! YOU ARE COMPLETELY FINE. Once you forget about it, and truly forget this will all go away. You are having a severe anxiety attack. I quit smoking weed for 2 years and when I went back I smoked a .25 gram dab all in one hit of sativa shit from a colorado dispensary. At first it felt great then I started having a panic attack thinking my heart was going to stop. My breathing went into manual mode lmaooo. If you have a very bad anxiety attack you can literally have the same symptoms of ptsd lol. You are basically having flashbacks of how scared you were during your weed trip lmao. Do something fun and talk to someone. Keep your mind occupied and you will forget all about it. When i get super high I can feel my heartbeat, and it trips me out.

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