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I desperately need advice on school and pot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Darthcilian, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. So to start let it be known that I am exactly 18 years of age and a senior in highschool

    Well I have always heard success Stories of people like me diagnosed with ADHD who have ( I haven't) self medicated pot to themselves and changed their gpa from a 1.5 to a 3.5. I have tried meds for ADHD ( adderall ect.) and they don't work or at least mr grades haven't changed even when I give my all.

    Anyway I would like to self medicate pot bet I dont know how or when. Do I light up before school after or do I eat an edible and have the high during the school day? I have no idea please help.:(
  2. if you really want to go down this path, i suggest you try smoking first.
    edibles are stronger...
    try smoking a bit and get used to it...then try an edible...and see how that goes.
    make good judgement here and go from here...

    good luck
  3. Bud doesn't magically make your grades better. When I toke before school or wake n bake I would be sluggish. But knowing after school I can go home and smoke a bowl. That kind of motivation helped me a lot.
  4. Try it out at your house or a friends house first, not before school for your first time. Get used to it then you can do it before school. I used to a lot when I was a freshman in high school but I stopped after I almost got caught
  5. I don't think that being high at school is going to help your grades. Put forth some effort and then smoke as a reward. Only times I smoked in high school was during lunch and during my senior year when my GPA was good and I had already been accepted to my top choice for university
  6. @ toking owl

    Going home to smoke was motivation why not just leave to smoke btw the area around the school is prime pothead habitat
  7. [quote name='"Darthcilian"']@ toking owl

    Going home to smoke was motivation why not just leave to smoke btw the area around the school is prime pothead habitat[/quote]

    I rather get done with all my studies and reward myself with some dank. It would suck to go get stoned then know you have to do work right after.
  8. theres no magic way weed will make u successful in school, and weed is a drug, and drugs affect everyone diffrently, so i tell you while you have 1 month of summer left, experiment with herb , smoke it, vape it, hash, edibles, low/big doses, sativas/indicas ,bongs, vs joints, and just find your favorite way of using it, but dont think the herb will do homework for you mann, you gotta stay focus
  9. I don't think it's gonna work like that for you dude. It worked for me, but I had no idea that was how it was going to go.
  10. No offense, but ditch the excuses man.
    You want to get high at school right?
    You know the risks.
    You get caught they're not about to buy into your story either.
    I have myself been diagnosed ADD/ADHD in the 90's...and I will tell you, weed has never done anything but been detrimental to my concentration, and I think if you've ever smoked weed before you'd likely know this.
    All it'll do is have you thinking about what you'd rather be doing than study...

    As owl said, use it as an incentive to get stuff done.
  11. @ random thoughts

    Getting high in school is not my objective but I'm out of options and I heard from multiple sources that this works so I made this thread. But thanks for looking out for me. You too owl
  12. Ya man stupid people smoking pot are usually stupider after smoking it. So never smoke pot man.
  13. When I was in high school sometimes I took a small one hitter sized glass chillum, lighter, some ground up weed in a tiny altoids tin, and a bent paper clip(to clean out the pipe) all in a little cloth pouch, in my bookbag. I took hits in gym class when no one was looking(there were some nooks in the hallway or I used seldom used hallways/stairways) or a bathroom and exhaled out the window. Never got caught. Just smoked enough to be floating a lil.:)
  14. @ forked up

    I can't say that I'm stupid I'm not. I pass test with little to no effort my problem is working at it homework class work ect.
  15. If your prescription didn't help, I HIGHLY doubt weed would.
  16. First things first... where are you going to get your "pot" (also called weed, bud, tree, etc.)? Once you take care of that, then you will need to find a smoking device like a bowl, bong, vaporizer or rolling papers. Being 18 I would recommend you go to a smoke shop or gas station and buy a CHEAP bowl and yes I said cheap. You may find smoking isn't all you thought it would be, and I wouldn't want to see you waste money on an expensive piece before you even know if you enjoy bud. If you aren't 18 then I suggest you google "homemade bowl" so that you can find something to build using materials you already have at your house! If you acquire both weed and a smoking device then you are ready to smoke!!! Actually you need a lighter too but that's pretty obvious. When you get your weed pull out a little bit and pick it apart into small pieces and put them into your bowl. This step is "packing" the bowl. Once the bowl is packed its time to get highhhh :smoke: haha all you need to do is put the bowl up to your lips and inhale slowly. Make sure the smoke is going into your lungs and not your stomach. The way that worked best for me was to act like somebody scared the shit out of me and I took a huge gasp for air. If you can slow that gasp down I guarantee the smoke will go into your lungs. Now for the tricky part your bowl is loaded and it's time to light it. All you have to do is out your bowl up to your lips and cover the (carb/shotgun which is the small hole on the side of bowls) with your finger and start inhaling while lighting the weed at the same time. When you see the weed get red take the lighter away and keep inhaling. When you are about half way out of breath take your finger off of the carb and inhale to about 65% lung capacity. After that take the bowl away from your lips and inhale some fresh air with the hit. Hold the smoke in for about 3-5 seconds if you can manage to hold it that long and then just exhale and viola! ***only take a hit or two then wait a little bit because you don't know how you will react. Remember you can always smoke more! I Took the time to type this out because 1 you sound clueless which is no biggie and 2 because I know what ADHD is like and weed helped to calm me down a bit. Have fun and stay high my friend.
  17. I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 4. I've been working it on it a lot since then an pretty much conquered it at age 16. It's hard to do man, I was on every ADHD medication you could think of. The key to it is becoming the master of your mind.

    Control yourself. It's your body you are the boss. The the only way your gonna conquer this. Not weed, not medication. It's you.

    I hope this helps man. For any further advice feel free to PM me. Always glad to help a blade out.
  18. @ gnartron

    Thank you so much for the input. I really needed the advice from someone who knew what was going on. Would you happen to know when is the time to light up?
  19. If you do your homework high you won't remember it. If the class work is irrelevant, I do work like that high all the time. But that's just so I can get the grade for doing it not so I can learn it. Homework you wanna learn you gotta be sober for.
  20. Haha sorry OP your looking at the wrong substance if your looking for motivation

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