I demand we ban knifes in America.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Thunder Struck, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Confused. What's UK got to do with you wanting a knives ban in US?
  2. a stab to the heart of knife enthusiasts everywhere

    the punniest
  3. ..And just how would I cut my steak?

  4. [​IMG]
  5. This thread is sharpening my view on knives.

    This thread is going to cut the public view on knives in half.
  6. If we were to ban meats that would surely cut the usage of knifes right in half!
  7. The plural of 'knife' is 'knives'

    Not knifes.
  8. We need to ban old people driving, what I always say.
  9. We need to ban old people.

    Or just the ones that act old. Lol. I'm not talkin about Christopher Lee, who at 80 years old played a Sith lord in Star Wars. And at 90 years old, is releasing a heavy metal album. Those kind of old people are badass. We need to get rid of the ones who are sucking up all the life support.
  10. Hey Thunder Struck! Yeah, you dummy! The plural is "knives" Bitch I oughta stab yo "knifes are bad whinin' ass!"
  11. I demand we legalize marijuana in America......




  12. If you ban knives only outlaws would have them.
  13. The increase in knife crime must mean that poverty is getting worse, my crip homeboy had to sell his glock.
  14. Your crip homeboy must not be that crip because he could've just robbed a n1gga.
  15. Where's Freddy Krueger when ya need him.

  16. He couldnt afford no bullets, times is ruff for us hoodrats!
  17. Ban knives?

    Please, tell me more about how criminals follow laws.
  18. Ban knives but allow guns...


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