I dedicate this baked thought process to scoobydooby67

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  1. I wish scooby snacks were real. think about it Scooby Doo will do anything for a couple of those things. They taste so good that he can be bribed into anything, I wish I had something that tasted that good. I'd just grab myself a box of them, sit down and get baked in the back of the mystery machine and eat them all. then just say screw you gang i'm sittin in the van eating, you go deal with scary things. Wow think how bad the munchies must be for scooby and shaggy, they eat everything as it is. Throwing weed into the mix could be disasterous! But yeah, I wish Scooby Snacks were real...
  2. for dogs: [​IMG]

    for persons: [​IMG]
  3. You know, I actually tried giving those to my dog.

    He hated them.
  4. If I ever make weed cookies, i will shape them like scooby snacks and thus that will be their name
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    Scooby Snacks are dope and all, but they can't compare to Scoob here on GC. He's definitely one of a kind... much respect to you, scoobs. :wave:

    As for the snacks really... I never tried them, I think. I may have had some em once or twice, there seems to be a memory deep down there, but It's not clear... not sure. I'm good on just watching the cartoons baked out of my skull, though. :D
  6. You do realize that all the Scooby Snack was, was a dog treat stuffed with an amphetamine pill. Why do you think Shaggy was always jonesing one?
  7. you know what would be BEST if it actually existed in real life?


    just think about it.
  8. haha I think it was this forum some time ago a guy posted a link to these forums where people believe pokemon are real.
  9. haha pokemon? but i guess it would be kinda cool if they were real. id have a shit load of little stoner pokemon.
  10. I'd have a fucking snorlax.
  11. id have a charmander....but just charmander i wouldnt let it evolve farther but that way youd always have a light........and plus is somebody tried to jump you could get your charmander to incinerate them
  12. You could still have a light with charizard, you'd just have to teach him how to do a smaller flame... and who the hell is going to jump a guy with a charizard standing next to him?
  13. Is Charizard's tail a flame? I thought it was... you could light your shit off that. :smoke:

    epic win!
  14. You'd also have a place to cook marshmellows too.

    But seriously, who wouldn't love having snorlax, he's a pimp:


    It's like having Jabba The Hutt's better looking brother as a pokemon.
  15. What is up with the people on this forum and pokemon? Seems like anytime someone brings it up 30 people come in all gung ho about pokemon.

    Am I the only sane one here who can see how incredible sucky they are?

    Oh and pokemon are real, Michael Vick used to have a bunch...
  16. You, sir, are a buzzkill. :(
  17. its all about jigglypuff

  18. lol i know that website
  19. Sshhhhhhh

    It's a great way to flush out people who are probably underaged
  20. I've eaten them. Don't ask why.

    They taste like shit and you need half a gallon of water to get one down.

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