I decided to quit drinking...

Discussion in 'General' started by skedastik, May 7, 2003.

  1. I decided that it would be a good idea to quit drinking... last night i drank my last beer... hehe.. well, we will see how long this lasts... but i am pretty intent on quitting... i quit cigs about a year ago... now i am going to quit drinking... then i will have to quit weed :) well, someday maybe... when im 80 and 6 feet under... anyhoo... i felt like sharing my resolution... no more alcohol for me!!! ahhh... saying it sounds worse... weed is such a better drug than alcohol anyways... but i am gonna miss that relaxing pint of guiness after work... oh well... i wonder if i will start smoking cigs again or just start smoking weed more... we shall see... anyways... wish me luck
  2. With my fake id ive been drinking ALOT latly.It strange cause i dont drink normaly but ya i like smoking a bowl of dank or a 40 any day but beer is damn good sometimes.lol peace and good luck
  3. congrats, but uou will be back.....they all come beack sooner or later......

  4. thanks for your vote of confidence! hehe.. you are however, absolutely right

    i guess i really wanna test myself too... and see how long i can actually go without it... i am hoping for some non-pathetic results... we shall see
  5. hey skeda, good luck. I dont know about you, but the cravings I get, fot that pint after work, are sometimes to strong for my irish will power. Im curious as to why you're quitting..about 2 years back I thought long and hard about giving it a break, I was getting in constant trouble with people and the law, always involving alcohol. I can honestly say I had a problem, but was to weak to quit. I dont think I ever could, which is why I truely admire your decision. Letting people know is also a good thing, it helps to know people support you. I know I will :) like I said, I admire your choice, and wish you the best of luck with it. and congrats on quitting smoking! that for sure was an A+ decision! :)
  6. thanks for your support... it is very much appreciated... there are a few reasons for quitting... one being the fact that i have drank quite a bit most of my life and it is time to give it a rest... two, a test of will-power... can i actually do it? three... just trying to get healthier

    i really need to try and quit smoking weed for a little while... i haven't had a break at all really in more than a year... it is so much harder for me to quit smoking weed... all-be-it helps with my Crohns symptoms, i think i still need to give it a rest... my tolerance is soooo high... it takes so much more than it used to to get me high... i think i need like a month break
  7. well your reasons are quite justified. :) I kind of have been on a break myself..my tolerance was waaaaay up there too, drinking and smoking. I gained some weight to, which im not used to, bothers me so, taking a break is nice. I havent smoked in a week now, which is awesome compared to the seven times a day I was averaging..and the drinking, I cut back on..I dont drink alone (while respectivly listening to george thorogood :)) anymore. so im starting to feel a lot better. which is good for me now, I know with the summer coming up Ill be drinking, toking and eating my fair share :) but once again, good for you, its nice to take a break once and a while. lol, and to give the will power a good testin'
  8. How's about heart palpilations?Gots 'em and fucking hate it!
  9. every once in awhile... they do suck... i usually get them due to anxiety or stress... the first time i experienced it i thought i was having a heart attack or something
  10. well, thats good. i have never been into drinking so i hope that it works out for you. all alchohal does to me is make me puke when im drunk.... i hate it!
  11. alcohol kills brain cells!!! bad 4 u
  12. Good idea,

    Cigarettes....what can you say....the sooner you quit that shit the better. I smoked cigs for ohhhh I guess 12+ years pack a day. The best thing I ever did was give that killer up. 10+ yrs. now.

    Alcohol....some people have to stay away from it....only you know if its a problem or not. Alcohol can go either way.

    Marijuana..... I find it good to take breaks, If I do it to much to long I get burned out. Thats why I grow a batch at a time I usually end up with a 3-4 week dry period in between harvests.

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