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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KB_124, Apr 30, 2003.

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  1. Can anyone match these lungs of steel?? Haha jus kiddin, But really, I do find it fun to watch everyone choke on my new 18\" bong, and then on my hit, they see it filled, and wonder how i can take it like it was just air.
    It used to be harsh on my lungs when i take a really big hit. But now taken them big hits feel good :) iS it something you can accuire? Build up? your lungs? are there like exercises, for your lungs to be able to take bigger hits? am i high? who else just loves to get a HUGE fuckin hit?
  2. I\'ll pull a tube off your 18 like it ain\' no thaang yo, i got a 5 footer and i can slam it clean. It takes soem practice, good lung capacity and a willingness to get real high to hang with my 5 foot water injected monster.

  3. Drs were really freeked out by the state of my enlarged lungs when i had an X ray once. i didnt sayanything to them at the time, but i bet it was to do with all those 2L Rockets i was chucking back. ;)
  4. Haha Digit... I still have a 5 foot bong i designed so the bowl was near the top. Stopped using it though because it was made out of PVC.
  5. yea i think that your lungs build up after how much you smoke, like if u were a 25 year toker, and there was a newbie toker, then the 25 yr. one would be able to inhale more then the newbie!
  6. because they wouldnt be feeling it. I have decent lung capacity. I ran cross country and wrestled so those both helped and when I was little I spent all the time that I wasnt in school out on my bike.
  7. Man, My lungs are gonna be hurtin tonight. I want to see which hits better: My first bong, which is a double chambered acrylic bong with each chamber about 8\", or my new bong, which is an 18\" glass bong. I\'ll be going back and forth between the two before I decide which gives a bigger hit. Both are packed (With a third bowl packed for my acrylic bong. Damn..I took my first hit off my acrylic and am already feeling a starting buzz :)
    P.S. Both are with alot of ice, and fresh water :smoke:

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