I.D. Male or Female by Roots ?

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  1. Thanks to all that helped with my many questions and general set up of my room. Things are justa blooming.......... next project is under way though read on.....
    I have a ouestion about sexing plants. I got some seed, not feminized, i have nice plants, about 8" now. I just transplanted them to bigger pots. I don't want to waste my time and effort into raising these babies to find out most are males. I've kept the humidity higher them normal in the room hoping that the females will show up. I read that you have a better chance for females with higher humidity.......... true or not i have no idea... I also read that you can tell earlier in the growth stage of your plant if its male or female by the roots. Males being one single tap root. Females, a ball of roots. When i transplanted them there were some noticable differences in the rooting structure of the plants... at this point i beleave i have 2 females out of 7 plants.. Can anyone tell me for sure if this tell by the roots method works...? and how tall should i let these plants get before i check again. I don't see any pistals or balls. its too early for that. A root pic would be good to tell the difference.... anyone have a link to something like that ?
    Thanks Trilby
  2. No.
    absolutely not. There is NO way to predictor recognize sex by the root structure..

    never ever listen to who told you that.. its PURE ignorance, much like the majority of advice Ive seen here on this site.. yer best off visiting Devilsharvest.com or icmag.com.. htere are people there with professional experience, who are glad to share their knowledge.

    this place is fulla floro grows,crackheads, and ignorant pyromaniacs who are convinced they are professional cultivators, on their 2nd grow...


    sex is determined by visual confirmation, best observed at a plants natural maturity cycle between 30-50 days.

    good luk if you stay here...

  3. I'm new to the indoor grow but i have a nice set up. Just to let you in on the goods....
    1000 w Mh (Veg stage to outdoor)
    decent size room 6 x 5
    3 fans, 1 ocelating, 1 circulation new fresh air, 1 exhaust to outside.
    soiless using nutes and on a regular schedual
    16 / 8
    reducing the light period to pic up the bloom and kick them outside.

    I've used the info from this site with expirienced growers like yourselves, giving me a good guide. i'm ready to re start for the next group of ladies. I've spent so much $$$ on the room and nutes ect.. i'm looking forward to the pay off. I hope to post some pics soon of the current situation. Thanks again for the info and guidence... Trilby
  4. lol right on man happy to see I aint alone in the boat :wave: I actually seen 2 threads here about growing in a pc tower........:eek:

    Im shure we'll see each other around

    hey tribly, sounds like yer off to quite a good start!:hello:
    I shure wasnt trying to come off bad in yer thread I was in a bad mood last night after I made soome new friends here..lol..
    do you always veg indoor and bloom out? thats some thing I havent done really, well, with intention anyway..lol I overloaded my rooms last fall with clones n parents was too busey with outdoor harvest to realy cycle anything, so I put a buch outside to get them in bloom, figured Id de-bug them and bring'em back in after I was donchoppin n finish them off....
    Well I ended up loosingabout half the parents I had kept indoors due to GROWER ERROR...:eek: lol I put off watering a bit too long... somma them were 4 yrs old clones ..
    I lost the ones outside for the same reason... seemd like a loss, but I was snipping man.. for 16 hrs a day for almost 30 daze.:rolleyes: If i diddnt get it done, ma nature wold'v reclaimed it:D the picture below was one of the many ladie hung in a similar manner, and an uncomfortably familiar view..

    so everything balanced out..

    anyway, my putting them out wasnt as planned as Im shure yours is. it'd be cool to hear how you do it.

    yeah man just holler if ya want outside opinion on things.. Ill add where I can, I dont know jack about hydro tho..
    sounds like you got things going in a good direction

    Peace man and good grows!

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