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i cut off my long hair.

Discussion in 'General' started by mietoe, May 2, 2005.

  1. with my birthday less than a week away (on sat) and my hair down below my shoulders i decided it was time to take a step and chop it off. now its high and tight, like im going in the army. i miss it, its sad. but it was time.

    plus now i can call my friends "a bunch of long haired hippies" :D

    anyone else have a similar story of pain and sorrow to help me out of my depression? im just kidding, im not all that sad, i feel accomlished atleast.
  2. I did the same thing about a year ago. hair was down to my shoulders and now it's about 2 inches long. and I'm still sad - I miss it.
    just recently I shaved my beard which was far worse for some reason. it was really cold afterward for one. and it took me a year to establish it. fuck, I need to smoke a j.
  3. I am hitting my bowl for you right this second. :smoking: Best tribute I can give to the departed hair.

  4. LOL
    u bald!....: ))
  5. my hair is getting longer and my rents will probably make me cut it when i come home for the summer. it will suck, like when i had to last year. maybe i can try to get out of it...
  6. I had long hair. Then I let a drunk friend cut it and one side was long while the other was short. Now it's short. I actually prefer it, I pick up far more girls with short hair.
  7. lol....my hair was as long as it has been for like 3 years and i just shaved it this past weekend......gotta do it for the summer
  8. haha

    know what u mean.. i got my hair cut down to 1/4 inch from just above my shoulders..

    felt really wierd today..
  9. you know, it's funny, every time i see a poster in florida i wonder if i know them =P
  10. thanks for hitting a bowl in my golden locks honor.
  11. Yeah, I've cut my long hair a few times before and I'm always really pissed after. I love my long hair.

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