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I Cured My Own Chronic Kidney Disease By Eating Cannabis

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by cheeple, Jul 26, 2014.

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    I was diagnosed with stage  3 chronic kidney disease one year ago,  I had a high GFR and High Creatinine levels.
    Normal Createnine levels are 0.6 to 1.2
    Notice my lab results I had a high of 1.44 and yesterday a low of 1.13
    4/21/09 4/29/11 3/28/12 2/25/13 9/6/13 4/4/14 7/25/14
    1.23        1.40       1.34        1.44        1.26      1.21      1.13
    My doctor told me my CKD was irreversbie and the only thing i could do was try to slow down the progression.
    At stage 4 it's regular visits for dialysis and at stage 5 you have a machine next to your bed and a tube in your belly to do dialysis nightly.
    I wasnt gonna let that happen to I decided to cure it and my doctor acknowledges it.
    lab results confirm it.
    All I do is eat canna capsules daily.
    I make them myself and they are mild enough to be taken daily.
    I cant express to the world if they would just eat the herb daily like a vitamin they could reclaim their health.
    Please see my other threads how i lost 92 pounds and cured my own liver cirrosis also.

  2. we need more info...ALL you did differently was eat those capsules? or did you also change your diet habits and whatnot?
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    Yes I did change my eating habits i gave up anything that was calorie free or sugar free.
    I gave up diet sodas and switched to full sugar sodas.
    I live on a diet of burritos and cheeseburgers.
    I put alot of cannabinoids into my system,  thats the only way to get real results, and it's not pleasant.
    It takes the willingness to take alot of pain.
    but it's pleasurable now, in the beginning it was an intense battle daily to control the euphoria.
  4. what are the capsules you mkae, how would someone make them to try and duplicate your success
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  5. lol this guy
    lol this guy ,
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    it's simple and i'm gonna get ALOT of flack from this but what i do is.
    I take trim remove the stems and pulverize the plant matter into a soft fluffy texture
    Then I fill size 00 capsules and swallow one per day.
    I dont add oil, and I dont decarboxilate them.
    Before you say "that wont worK"  like i said it's the cannabinoids that i'm trying to get into my system.
    But sometimes i get blazed for like 6 hours if the stuff my buddy gives me is last seasons and dried out.
    it's so simple, and everyone I give them too, they get blazed too!
    Do you use mostly raw cannabis bud in your capsules? I juice the raw leaves and it has almost put my RA into full remission (see book Juicing Cannabis for Healing on Just wondering if when I travel if I can use your canna capsules idea. But I don't want to get high so maybe the raw bud would work but I guess eventually it would dry out? 
    I dont mean to offend, just trying to be helpful.
    Have you tried cutting out the soda's and fizzy drinks all together. Im only after doing it recently just a matter of convincing yourself to go for the free water/buy water instead and suck it up you'll be out of the habit in no time. I understand the specific sweetners in the zero sugar options may of had specific negitive effects on your kidneys but an overall healthier lifestyle will greatly improve your health and how you feel on a day to day basis.
    Also really If you live on a diet of burruitos and cheeseburgers (Loads of saturated fats!) and can acknowledge this yourself, no amount of cannabis capsules will help you if you get any health related concerns with blood sugar, weight or cholesterol.
    You clearly got a shock and wanted to act to improve this situation maybe consider some pro-active steps to prevent future issues especially considering you can see them now.
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    Yes I only use raw cannabis in my capsules, i prefer my 100% Raw Kief capsules the most but I also have regular bud and leaves that I crush down and put into capsules.
    It's really easy,  you should definately dry out your leaves and just swallow them in capsule form.  make hundreds of them, swallow them like candy.
    Your talking about Rheumatoid Arthritis right?
    I give my co-worker some cannabis balm for her wrists and she said it's the only thing that takes the pain away, are you using it topically also?
    Good for you, I made a bunch of leaf capsules last night and guess what.......
    I got high from it.
    After I dry them out i run them through my coffee grinder,  
    If you dont have any capsules just mix the powder into a chocolate jello pudding.   
    I'm really interested if you keep me posted.
    Since the OP never replied (i'm assuming he's a troll)
    Weed + buritoes + doritoes + pepsi WTF lol
    Personally I try and avoid anything and everything pharmaceutical. I only use pharmaceutical drugs if need be. I realized that the best thing for the vitality of the mind and body is proper healthy food period. Weed makes life better.
    Everyone is different, but you need to trust your gut. I believe weed is good for lots of people with different issues, whether they are physical or mental. Wish you good luck
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    Congrats on taking control of your health.

    Your CKD was not cured. You are in Stage 2 CKD. These variations are normal. Someone could change their serum results from 1.4 to 1.1 in a week by avoiding meat, alcohol and drinking a generous amount of water.
    What you did was make a lot of very good lifestyle changes and it is showing. You took the stress off your kidneys and they are functioning better. I wish more people would do it. This is a common scenario that has nothing to do with marijuana. There are a lot of things marijuana can help with. CKD is not one of them. You saw the high numbers, improved your diet, began hydrating better, made appropriate lifestyle changes such as reducing alcohol consumption, probably lost some weight.

    If you became a vegan (not necessary) you numbers would be reduced further. This doesn't mean the problem is gone, but controled.
    My concern is some people smoking or vaporizing anything with CKD. This is a huge risk.
    I don't mean to upset or put you down at all. It is great that you are taking steps to improve your health. Most people unfortunately just ignore CKD at the point you were at and it just gets worse. And you were ABSOLUTELY RIGHT to be scared of end stage kidney disease. It is a very bad way to live and eventually die.
    Normal is also misleading. Normal really should be read as acceptable. Normal for Americans is .8 to 1.2 because of the unhealthy lifestyles/diets most lead and therefore most have some level of kidney disease. Since CKD progresses very slowly unless you have out of control diabetes, high blood pressure or another underlying condition it's not a concern.  If you're about age 40 and not a body builder your test would be about .7 if you had well-functioning kidneys.
    We don't use 100% of our kidney's function all the time. So there can be a loss of kidney function and it wouldn't be noticable in tests for a while. The tests begin to show the loss when what we require of our kidneys exceeds their capacity to preform.
    The real danger is in people thinking their CKD is cured when it is only under control. Since they think it is cured they return to the poor lifestyle choices that caused the CKD and the disease progresses. Or they see their reading go up go back up and decide to give up.
    The good news is your CKD is in the very early stages and you can very easily keep the progress of the disease under good control. With proper lifestyle choices you will enjoy a long life and never end up at stage 5. With the advances in medicine and technology you have a very good outlook even if the disease slowly progresses.
    •     Maintain a healthy diet as prescribed by your doctor.
    •     Do not consume alcohol regularly or in excess. The occasional drink will not hurt you.
      This is the most important thing you can do to avoid progression of CKD.
    •     Keep your weight under control.
    •     If you have high blood pressure keep it under control.
    •     If you have diabetes keep your blood sugar under control.
    And again really seriously Congrats on taking control of your health.
    Why is this? I have Stage 3/4 and Crohn’s disease, and have been vaping CBD to help with anxiety and pain.

    Also, do you know anything about cannabis helping with kidney scarring? Seems to be doing a lot for cirrhosis, so I’m thinking it would help with scarring of the kidney glomeruli...
  12. Ypu mightbcure in thing and fuck a few ore things with that diet... ever heard of high blood pressure. Hit the gym get a trainer... best way man
  13. FYI: As of August 2017
    Cannabis Technology Company HERB Raises $4.1 Million In Seed Funding
    As for aging users, the jury is still out on kidney function and marijuana in seniors but Dr. Ishida’s team said that more research will be conducted on this segment of the population.

    In fact, cannabis use may even reduce instances of kidney disease or at least manages its symptoms. Endocannabinoid deficiencies have been linked to kidney disease and studies have used cannabinoid therapy slow the progression of the disease.

    Hemp CBD oil is also being used to reduce pain as well as treat the underlying symptoms of kidney failure. If anything, cannabinoids are a viable option for those who wish to avoid NSAIDS and opioids that can be toxic to the kidneys.
  14. Ugh, wrong link: Brand New Study Confirms Young Kidneys Aren't Affected By Cannabis
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  16. You switched from diet to full sugar sodas? You know those are worse for you right?


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